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    How does fingerprint authentication compare with iOS and Android?

    So I am being swayed by the new Galaxy S8 to make the switch from my iPhone to S8 and have concerns regarding some of the features Android has, a platform I left over 5 years ago. One thing I use a lot on my iphone is the TouchID to not just unlock the phone but to sign in to my bank and credit...
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    Buying WHMCS Unbranded Owned license

    I am looking to buy WHMCS Unbranded owned license. With or without support still active. Please do not contact me to offer those "super cheap" licenses which you got form your web hosting company. Message me with offers!
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    Earn fixed income using my link shortener

    I am offering this unique opportunity wherein I am offering a fixed amount for using my link shortening service for posting your links on forums. This proposition is mainly for people who are uploaders and those who share a lot of stuff on forums or facebook. Are you a uploader and post links...
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    iPHONE 6

    I agree with you. Android phones have their specs but to what avail? You can hardly use all of those specs. Sure it may have 3GB ram, but do you seriously need it in a phone? My Macbook has 4GB ram and is doing well so why in the world do I need 3GB ram on Android? And even if you try to get...
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    iPHONE 6

    Regarding apple recycling same stuff I would have agreed last year when they came out with iPhone 5S, but not with iPhone 6. I can personally see myself using Apple Pay. I am not sure which country you are from but I am in US and at least here I can see myself using it. I use atleast half the...
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    iPHONE 6

    You need to use an iPhone to know its real value, and I am not just talking about the financial standpoint. iPhone gives me the joy of my phone not lagging. Awesome battery life. Free messaging to fellow iPhone users (without external app). Simple and great UI. And to all those Android users...
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    Help me out on

    Not sure about that because when the support link was indeed working I never got any reply to my ticket. So I guess some member contacting the mod will be the best option for me.
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    Help me out on

    Hi, My account on has been banned. It was banned around 6+ months ago, I didn't care much then but now I am missing the forum so I want to be back on it. The reason provided for the same was that they apparently found malware in my system, I performed a scan that time but didn't...
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    Is 2k usd enough for open new filehost?

    No. The license it will cost you around $200 (excluding addons) Another $500 or so atleast if you wish to get unique design. Then you will also need money for servers, and a lot because you will need to get high performance severs with huge disk space and bandwidth. Additionally you will need...
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    Mass email send

    Based on what you are saying you are trying to SPAM people, which is highly unethical and something you should refrain from. Anyways, for what you wish to do, you will perhaps need a server or something to send out the mass email, but it's quite likely that your server's IP will get blacklisted...
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    Need help with WHMCS ?

    I agree with Alex from Arvixe. Go with a reputed provider. You will mostly have 2 options when it comes to reseller plans, ones which cost around $10/month and other as mention $25/month but these will include WHMCS license too. Go with the second option as this will mean easier billing for you...
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    Need help with WHMCS ?

    How do I plan to offer hosting services? Through your own dedicated server? Reseller hosting? I guess in your case you should go for reseller hosting given that you are asking this question in the first place. There are many reseller hosting offers posted in this forum itself. Look here for...
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    I need about 10TB of storage

    If he uses his own server how do you think will he earn from PPD/PPS ? Find a service that has the highest possible storage allowed. And get multiple accounts of that service and distribute your content between them.
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    Change logo. Too many categories in the title/header, instead put the categories in a sidebar, it will look more organized that way. Add more products Your products look bit disorganized (and images are not loading either):
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    Google Sandbox and its affects

    According to the theory of the sandbox effect, links which may normally be weighted by Google's ranking algorithm, not least improving the position of a webpage in Google's index, may be subjected to filtering to prevent their having a full impact. Some observations have suggested that two...
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