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WOLFSTREAM.TV Is Officially ReLaunched As of January 6th, 2023!

Get paid as much as $50 per 10,000 views . Big uploaders will be evaluated and given bonuses based on heavy video viewership!

Site features:

File and Remote upload, Clone upload, FTP upload, API upload.
Max upload video size: 20GB.
No storage limit, default is 20 TB
Videos can be embedded.
No restrictions for users, they can watch as much as they want.
90 day storage time for inactive videos!
Supported by z-o-o-m uploader.
Supported by ThemaCreator

Rules and Conditions:

Video longer than +1 Minute are counted for views.
Legal adult content is allowed.
For both normal and embedded videos you earn 100%, no limitation.
Views are counted upto 2 within 24 hours per USER/IP.
Minimum payout is $10 USD.
You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system.
Passive income
We have stable referral program. When user is registered with your referal link, 20% of his profits will be credited to your account.
We pay every weekly, Partners can receive payments in WebMoney, Paypal, AliPay, BTC, USDT-TRC20

Support available via Telegram @WolfStreamTV

Site URL: WolfStream.TV

Signup Now
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The country table should be something like that, with clipwatching, it's the same as the other servers, I don't know if I'm going to use it and I will be monitoring the situation.
how much ads and what kind- pops?
1 pop or 2 pops
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I have 5 downloaded files, are they also included?
Yes .
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How much % video play count a view?
Can you support in remote uploads.
1) 5%
2) please wait few days.
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fix remote upload from clipwatching
Ok will add tomorrow or friday.
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On mobile version (smartphone) player works only after switches to desktop mode.
Check again.
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Can you put a tab that has only the embed link? and in clipwatching too :)
Hi @KatFile and i wish all the best with the new project i uploaded a video and when i press the button to play me appears a message "A network error caused the media to fail part-way" do u know what is this?
Hey, welcome to the new host! I would be curious about the rates:
For example, for 500 views from Tier 1 will be on my report 1$ ?
Or it will be less than that?
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