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  • Hello everybody.
We are from StreamSB.Com We provide today's leading video file hosting service.

- About us.

Uploaded more than 20 million videos, activated more than 500 thousand users.
Global server system, optimize upload speed and video playback speed.
Unlimited storage space and no delete inactive videos.
Quick registration
Adult content allowed.
API ready:

- Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference for other hosting hosting?
- Custom domains: Blocking issue in some countries resolved, playback speed improved, easy SEO

- Custom ADs: Add your own ad code. Referring you to an ad network increases earnings by 20%.

- Custom player: choose the right player JWPlayer8, Clappr, VideoJS, VideoJS+, Hola, Fluid. Add your own logo.

- Customize default video sound.

- Prevent other users from copying files

  • How to upload?
Upload URL, Torrent, File Upload, Copy URL.

  • Maximum file upload?
Upload files as large as 20GB

  • What is the minimum payment method?
Minimum payment is 20 dollars. Payment on the same day.
  • Earn income from inviting friends?
Affiliate programs with high profit percentage.

Create a ticket now.

Telegram StreamSB:

24/7 online support.

You can contact me to get more offers via this thread. Unlimited and AD-free uploads for free.

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Do you support z-o-o-m upload? I use the standard web upload and it's not a problem but some of my uploaders uses z-o-o-m upload only.
Hi everybody.
We are from StreamSB. We provide current top top video file hosting.
- About us.
  • 10M+ videos uploaded, 500K+ users activated.
  • Global server system, optimize upload speed and video playback speed.
  • Various upload sources such as Upload URL, Torrent, File Upload, Clone URL.
  • No storage traffic limit nor delete inactive videos.
  • Option to encrypt or keep original file quality
  • Upload files as large as 20GB
  • Pay quickly with many payment methods: Paypal, BTC, WMZ, Skrill...
  • Affiliate programs with high profit percentage help you get more revenue.
  • Custom ads option to optimize revenue.
You can contact me to get more offers through this topic. Unlimited uploads and no ADS for free.
Email :
Telegram :
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Can't upload multiple videos at the same time via the web?
Multi Webupload works without problems o.O i acutally upload with webupload und it uploads 4 files at the same time
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ups wrong hoster -.- sorry, use z-o-om there it works
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Hi .

In search to move from ninjastream....

My humble review about your service:
Support - best , very fast response by chat.
Thanks for many upload options ( especially for torrent upload - best choice for me with often wifi interruption )
I choosed Premium Plan for 30 days / 9.9$ with hope to get less ads , but i see no diffence between free account , a lot of ads ( it's so annoying ) . Really hope that you will put less inpage video notifications or some other less.
Yours Premium View Plans with 0 ads is to expensive for choose this plan.
Thanks for your contribution. We will listen to your comments and send them to the senior staff so that we can bring the best results
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