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    BannersLanders - Custom Made Landing Page Services for Affiliates

    If you are sick of using the same landing pages used by other rip n run affiliates, BannersLanders is here to create custom made landing pages for you! We design pages from scratch on psd and code into html/css as a fully responsive page! CONTACT BANNERSLANDERS NOW! skype: bannerslanders...
  2. M - Earn Up to $40/10000 views, Referral 15%

    Hello! Join now: Sample link: Features: API - Mass Shrink - Full Page Script New SEO feature is coming soon. Referral Program: 15% Minimum Payout: $5 Payment Frequency: Daily Payment Methods ( 0% FEE ) : Bitcoin, Skrill, payeer more...
  3. Sophia Fouad

    Affiliate Program is a global Affiliate Network from Asia. Now our community is about 30 000 affiliates with more than 27 different traffic sources. We work with major brands to boot their sales and help small brands to expand their business to more than 100 countries. Every month total revenue of...
  4. dewshare

    AdsWick: exclusive offers from the house of top vendors

    Hi AdsWick.COM bring new exclusive offers from the house of top vendors, These offers are procured by our marketing team and advertisers with consideration of facts resulting high conversions and prompted visitors response. We are inviting new affiliates to join us to make the big numbers with...
  5. C

    Secret of Super Affiliates Revealed!!!

    Do you want to know how super affiliates make over $X,XXX,XXX profit? These geniuses get their ads, landing pages, websites translated into foreign languages by NATIVE speakers. Start earning that 7 digit profit now! TRANSEY will help you translate any text you need to get translated from...
  6. J

    Traffic tool?

    Hello guyzz, recently i have created porn site and i am getting 500 visitors daily since 20 days so, can i try free traffic tool ??
  7. C

    For Hire ANGLESAURUS - Ad, LP, Banner Text Copywriting Service

    ANGLESAURUS is used by tons of marketers to help them save time in coming up with angles. Our professional and creative writers have written tons of angles in different niches, different copies, and we sure deliver FAST and with HIGH QUALITY angles! So, if you need angles for an offer you are...
  8. R

    Rainmaker - a CPA Affiliate Network with high payouts and the best deals.

    It is our mission to guarantee simple account management, daily support, best CPA offers and to always, always keep a step ahead of competitors when it comes to affiliate payments. It is our goal to make our partners comfortable, rich and happy. Exclusive, international dating, gambling...
  9. A

    AffiliateRush Affiliate Program - New look, New opportunities

    It is with great excitement that we present our new AffiliateRush site to all affiliates. Are you intrigued? Go to and take a look Not only a new look - but new brands have been added to the group. Started in 2017 AffiliateRush team has done great work on the affiliate...
  10. R

    Earn up to 93.9$/each subscription with RedTrack referral program

    RedTrack referral program is on! Invite friends to and receive 10% for each who purchases a subscription Send the link to whoever searches tracker Write a review about RedTrack or share your tracking experience Spread a word about RedTrack with your subscribers Become RedTrack B2B...
  11. natifico

    Natifico - The Perspective Affiliate Network | CPA, CPI and CPL

    Hello everyone! With us, you will have a variety of offers in Downloads, Extensions, Push, Apps, Games and other verticals. If you have traffic we monetize it, we are looking forward to building a long-term partnership with you!
  12. I


  13. flix555

    File555.COM | $160/10k Downloads | Fast Payout

    Dear Wjunction Members and Uploaders, I am very glad to announce our File Hosting Service, PPD plan Tier 1 - Upto $160/10k Downloads Tier 2 - Upto $100/10k Downloads Tier 3 - Upto $60/10k Downloads All other countries - $20/10k Downloads PPS Plan (Pay Per Sale) & Mixed Plan...
  14. I


  15. Ultrabasic

    Ultrabasic affiliate - Commission rate 18% per sale

    Do you consider yourself a creative, communicative person? You do? Excellent! In that case all you need is to apply for our affiliate program and start making some money by selling Ultrabasic merchandise. Why would you join our affiliate program? Let's make it simple... Let's say that...
  16. S - Stop Chasing Your Earnings - $5 Min. Withdrawal - $2 Signup Bonus - 5000 Max Mass Shrink

    The Reliable URL Shortening Service - No chasing Payments ABOUT US: It's really simple. We want to make things simple with URL Shortening. Stop chasing YOUR earnings and switch to - We'll help you by WHY SHRINK.CX?: - Fair High Rates - $2 Sign-up Bonus - $5 Min Withdrawal - Free 1...
  17. V

    Buy&Sell WW Traffic - WingoAds is a Powerful, Self-Serve Ad Network&Ad Exchange

    Hi everybody:) Wingoads is a global ad network that offers solutions for publishers, advertisers and media partners. We embrace different cooperation models: CPA/CPS/CPO/CPL/CPI/CPM To Advertisers we offer: - insane volumes of traffic (more than 1 billion daily impressions) - variety of...
  18. O

    Ad Networks that pay publishers with Bitcoin

    Hi, Any good ad networks that pay webmaster their earnings in BTC or any other crypto? Thank you
  19. RevenueLab – Gambling Offers For All Geos

    RevenueLab is your trusted partner in iGambling! We’ve joined together all the relevant brands on the market into one platform. You don't need to waste your time anymore searching and communicating with each brand separately and have a chance to focus on traffic and your profit. Here are 7...
  20. C


    TRANSEY specializes in marketing and business translations, including: landing-page translation for performance affiliate marketing campaigns and media buying campaigns angle translation for split testing purposes banner text translation sales pages brochures and flyers online ads and MORE...
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