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  1. NancyStreamSB

    Premium - Premium Storage & Streaming Platform | Download Fast & Affiliate Program

    Hi everybody. We are from StreamSB.Com We provide current top top video file hosting. - About us. 10M+ videos uploaded, 500K+ users activated. Global server system, optimize upload speed and video playback speed. No storage traffic limit nor delete inactive videos. Quick registration...
  2. C - 60% OF SALES & Rebills - PPD $35/5000 DLs

    Hello WJS We are Chedrive we have launched our website Recently we Work as ( PPD, PPS, PPD+PPS ). PPD we Pay 100% PPD downloads: PPS we pay 60% Sales to Users: MIX (PPD+PPS) we pay 60% downloads and 20% Sales We pay Real Rates A(7$), B(4$), C(3$), D(2$) for Countries: Why Chedrive? Fast...
  3. : Reliable Storage Solution | Profitable for Partners

    Hello WJ community, is looking for partners who want to earn extra money. Besides earning, we are providing reliable storage solution with no extra cost too. It’s completely free. Rewards for webmaster, uploaders and publishers. Withdrawal options: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer and...
  4. antonyxy - The Videos of the Web, Together! (ololo & alluc alternative)

    Hey there WJunction community 😋, My name is Antony and I'd like to introduce Our main goal is to serve as an aggregate for the vast world of video supply & demand, where everybody wins. We don’t host a single video file. Our aim is to connect uploaders with users and benefit both...
  5. A

    Good PPD for torrent file ??

    Does anyone know a good file sharing service with ppd plan count at least 0-100 Kb file and long duration time for the expiration file ? I have website with niche games and host the file on torrent network, mostly ppd hosting only count files up to 1 MB+ and since torrent file is small (around...
  6. up-file - Earn Money Uploading Files - 120$ / 1000 T1

    Welcome to UP-FILE file uploader! Earn money uploading your own files, up to 100$ every 1000 downloads! , Easy to use and with huge limits to upload your files! Start making money today! JOIN NOW TO UP-FILE! Launch promotion: US|CA|DE|FR|GB|ES|NL|IT|PT USA: 120$ - Every 1.000 Downloads T1...
  7. R

    create file hosting

    hello there i want advice from all he know i want to create file hosting like ( clicknupload etc... ) and i want to know about it more.. with a full detailed if possible..... - which hosting you recommend it for medium budget... i know they using a server but how they have ultimate space...
  8. Arjun227170

    Vidhdr Video Hosting Anyone Signup

    Hello webmasters Anyone Signup Vidhdr site - I got wrong captcha error Any solution for this?
  9. E - $10 x 1000 Download, 5% for referrals, 50% sales commission, 80% of Downloads, 10% Rebills- Official Support Forum

    Hello, I'm Andres, manager at I will answer your questions. This is the official forum for general questions and answers. First that is It is an international hosting service for files, videos, photos, documents, fast, secure and stable, we have the...
  10. YouDBox - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    Hello Wjunction users, We are proud to introduce our free cloud storage and video streaming service for you. We would like to offer you a new and problem-free uploading solution and flexible affiliate program that suit your needs to maximize your revenue from your daily upload...
  11. support_florenfile - Official Support

    Hello! We like present you our file sharing service We invite for cooperation webmasters, site owners and everyone who wants work honestly (without shave!) and receive all their earned money. Our rates: - 50% from sales and automatic rebills (from filehost profit!). - 10%...
  12. support_florenfile

    Hello all!

    Hi, I am CEO of file hosting, that will be on forum soon)
  13. L

    Video host without uploading limits

    Hey everyone. Im looking for a video host provider with an api and doesn't have an uploading or copying limitations. I tried asking if uploading reatrictions is lifted with a premium membership, but they all said couldnt lift it. Anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks!
  14. OnlyStream - File Hosting | DMCA Ignored | Upto $40/10k | Daily Payouts

    Hello, We are happy to introduce, We offer PPD, PPS and MIX offer programs you can select which ever suitable for you. Why to choose Justupload? Minimum payout is 10$ Incomplete downloads are also counted but user has to pass the CAPTCHA Adult contents are allowed! You can...
  15. flix555

    File555.COM | $160/10k Downloads | Fast Payout

    Dear Wjunction Members and Uploaders, I am very glad to announce our File Hosting Service, PPD plan Tier 1 - Upto $160/10k Downloads Tier 2 - Upto $100/10k Downloads Tier 3 - Upto $60/10k Downloads All other countries - $20/10k Downloads PPS Plan (Pay Per Sale) & Mixed Plan...
  16. MarCoo - Upload & Earn (PPD) 10% Referrals Plan - DAILY PAYOUTS

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to introduce you to our new project file hosting We works as PPD plan. When user is registered with your referal link, 10% of his profits will be credited to your account. Our Features: 1. Fast Upload and download Speed. 2. 2TB storage space for...
  17. M

    What is the name of this script?

    Seriously. I want to create my own file hosting. What kind of script use of openload and vidcloud? Please reply.
  18. D Discussion Thread

    anyone work with this host?
  19. Love

    Selling file hosting service

    Domain Name: Registered With: 1&1 Internet SE Expires: 2019-04-11 Price : ̶7̶5̶0̶ ̶$̶ 600 $ Methods of Payment (Paypal) If Auction: No Proof of ownership : I am selling wich is a file hosting service with all most 5 million pageviews...
  20. monsterhunter32

    File Hosting & Music Hosting Advice

    We have a video hosting website here, and are planning to add file hosting and music hosting to the website. The idea is that once a member signs up they can upload video's, files, or music to our website and embed our video player, music player, and file share link onto their own website. In...
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