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  1. elabcry

    best video hosting site of 2022 2023

    Hello everyone, in a nutshell, if you are the owner of a website that displays videos and you like stability, you are in the right place First of all, I am the owner of a website that also displays videos, and I have loved this work for 5 years, and I have experience with video hosting sites I...
  2. O

    video hosting like streamable ?

    anyone know like streamable video host? I need able to get the video link as .mp4. i'll use it to upload remotely. there is also, but it down video quality.
  3. David Chriss

    Best Video Player/Hosting Site for Movie Streaming Sites Between Netu/Streamsb/Dood or any other you know

    Hello, Am looking for Best Video Hosting site for Movie Streaming Site that have Good User Experience, They are Serious (I mean Good Service) Good Features Long Term with Stability Thanks Am Waiting for your Suggestions
  4. W

    Are there some good sites for uploading videos like and

    Are there some good sites for uploading videos like and I need some sites like that which won't delete my inactive files and which don't have too many ads
  5. W

    Video Hosting site for copyrighted documentaries

    Hello is there some good video hosting site for uploading documentaries which does not delete inactive files?
  6. W

    Which is the best video hosting for EXYU countries like Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro etc.

    Which is the best video hosting for EXYU countries like Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro etc. Thanks in advance!
  7. streamruby

    Streamruby - introduction and discussion

    Dear Wjuntion members and webmasters We are here to introduce Streamruby is a video hosting and streaming service. It provides SVOD and AVOD systems. Why choose us? AVOD system: 1- There is a per platform rating system. rates are different per Android, iOS and Desktop. 2- It...
  8. NancyStreamSB 2022 - HLS Streaming CDN & Unlimited Storage | Multi Upload - TORRENT | API | FTP | URL | Custom Domain | Custom ADS | 360/720/1080p

    Hello everybody. We are from StreamSB.Com We provide today's leading video file hosting service. - About us. Uploaded more than 20 million videos, activated more than 500 thousand users. Global server system, optimize upload speed and video playback speed. Unlimited storage space and no...
  9. M

    I'm looking for a host for a site that receives 200,000 per day (video hosting)

    Hello, I need a high quality server to host a video hosting site (sharing). - 200,000 visitors daily - 10-15MB file size (video) (.mp4) - Video duration : Max 40 seconds My web host asks me too much money (20$=1TB of bandwidth) So I'm looking for a host that doesn't cost too much and that...
  10. Evoload-Jason - Discussion Topic.

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jason, i'm the official representative of Evoload.IO ,I am your Affiliate Manager # What is Evoload.IO is a premium quality host made for stability and scalability by the team behind Jetload.NET which gained the trust of a lot of users & webmasters...
  11. Zoro1

    Looking for a video hosting

    Im looking for a video hosting can sell me a custom account with unlimited storage and files last forever with multi qualities encoding 1080p,720p,480p,360p. :relaxed:
  12. D

    Selling APICodes CPanel V1.2 All in One Drive Proxy Script

    APICodes CPanel is a powerful tool that helps you encrypt streaming links so no one can steal it. This tool supports creating streaming links on 20+ websites with multiple subtitles. You can use the link or iframe after encryption into your website easily and quickly. You will have full control...
  13. Mucha - Fast & Stable Hosting - Discussion

    Hello WJunction! I'm Mucha, affiliate manager at, one of the best video hosting websites with fastest video streaming! I would like to introduce to you our hosting features & offer. Current Website Features: - Unlimited Storage - Remote Upload (Lots of hosting websites supported)...
  14. Ez-Money | FAST HLS Streaming | $10 Min Payout | Daily Payments | $35/10K | FTP - API | Themaposter

    Aloha Wjunction members !!! We are here to introduce your friendly supra-host!! welcomes all uploaders around the globe looking for a better and reliable video host with HLS streaming technology. What do we have to offer at - Ultrafast HLS streaming - Faster encoding -...
  15. Arjun227170

    Vidhdr Video Hosting Anyone Signup

    Hello webmasters Anyone Signup Vidhdr site - I got wrong captcha error Any solution for this?
  16. Digiload | Fastest HLS Streaming | DMCA Friendly | 720P | H-A Support & Service

    Dear people, We would like to introduce you to our new service Digiloadthat aims to provide you with a simple and user friendly platform for uploading and sharing videos. What do we have to offer at Digiload? ♤ Simple and user Friendly Platform. ♤ HLS Streaming. ♤ 720p HD quality. ♤...
  17. L

    Which script does video hosting sites like gounlimited, openload, onlystream uses?

    Hi, so if anyone know which script they guys use then please let me know in replies or if you have any suggestion for script which works as it is like above sites then please post them too. I am going for private video hosting solution with custom ads.
  18. I


  19. L

    Video host without uploading limits

    Hey everyone. Im looking for a video host provider with an api and doesn't have an uploading or copying limitations. I tried asking if uploading reatrictions is lifted with a premium membership, but they all said couldnt lift it. Anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks!
  20. E

    Buying Need proper Video Hosting (JW Player or Other)

    I need a proper video hosting service, willing to pay if you can show me a proper way to host videos like a lot of the big sites. I've heard of juicy codes, and other services but I'm not 100% sure it works. I also don't want to work with google drive because it's a hassle.