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    Sweden Dedicated

    Sigh this was posted in 2013... Anyone who reads that email is going to agree that immediate termination, and deletion of all data is gross misconduct in any degree. No evidence was ever supplied in this case, or any further communication received. I stand by the review, even if we have moved...
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    Payza vs Pioneer vs Entropay

    I second this, Australia can no longer add funds at all (CC or Bank Account)
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    X4B - DDoS Protection (EU / US)

    Hi, We do not have any 5Gbit offerings. I suggest you check or prices page as it lists our offerings for all locations (US East, Central, West and Europe IT, NL and RO) all with different offerings. I don't see why you would have this issue unless you where hitting the servers with really high...
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    X4B.ORG - Reverse Proxy Hosting - Hide your Server IP (Russia, Sweden, USA, Romania)

    From 5 weeks ago - Dear X4B customer, It is with sorrow I announce that as of 18/09/2013 we will be decommissioning node RU1, and we will be ceasing our Russian operations. All other services will remain unaffected. Due to repeated issues with abuse (fraud and DDoS's) as well as with...
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    X4B.ORG - Reverse Proxy Hosting - Hide your Server IP (Russia, Sweden, USA, Romania)

    That screenshot is of a DDoS on the non ddos protected russian services. The services we are not continuing this month due to persistent issues with fraud and attacks. We do not provide any IDS or RFI etc protection, we are not doing anti-hack. Thats an entirely different category of service...
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    How to fool a keylogger Easy

    Honestly any keylogger written by a professional will use either browser injection or network captures (via proxy, or more advanced via a driver) to retrieve passwords. There is really no protection against this (well a VPN may help against case 2). Its best to run a good anti-virus or know the...
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    Be aware! 2checkout also known as 2co bad fraud detection

    Not surprised, do your research before choosing a payment processor. They are well known to behave in this manner. Paypal + Payza + Stripe should cover all bases (in that order of priority).
  8. S - New Rating System Explained

    Wow twilight is still running, where does Whoo find the time.
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    X4B.ORG - Reverse Proxy Hosting - Hide your Server IP (Russia, Sweden, USA, Romania)

    We haven't offered a Swedish plan in years. But neither have our prices changed so that image has never been updated. I will add it to my list to update.
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    X4B.ORG - Reverse Proxy Hosting - Hide your Server IP (Russia, Sweden, USA, Romania)

    Small issues are due to DDoS's people keep getting attacked and we keep nulling IPs. Its become a fact of life in Russia that this happens every few days. Usually takes less than 2m to get a null processed. Occasionally HostKey makes mistakes and causes larger downtimes however, nothing to do...
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    What encoding method does this site use?

    You would need to guess at the encoding method, I would start with XOR or rotation ciphers. A quick look reveals that the cipher is simple in nature (there is a high similarity between and and etc). You could figure it out with enough time an samples.
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    IP Tunneling for server security

    Even if you have an ISP like that: a) if the connecting ISP implements proper filtering (90% of the time) it wont work. b) the isp will most likley disconnect you for IP spoofing c) it would have to be a pretty shit ISP. I would never recommend that to someone.
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    Quote depth Yep.
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    Upgrade Errors

    Really shouldn't have upgraded until things were ready. :(
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