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    Is worth to open warez site?

    sometimes the most simple NO does the trick.
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    Creative commercial (+18)

    i feel like that sometimes.
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    Is it worth to buy a google nexus 7 tablet?

    I have nexus 7 and i have the ipad 2 i actually left the ipad 2 collecting dust from last year, the nexus is in my opinion the perfect tablet the perfect size the perfect specs and i use it for everything it's really worth a lot more. Thank you google for teaching everybody how a tablet should...
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    Boobs or Ass?

    boobs of course ass comes after.
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    How many languages do you speak on a daily basis?

    English Albanian Serbian German Croatian Bosnian Bulgarian Russian Macedonian Turkish Japanese and a little bit of Mandarin No honestly i speak all of them i swear.
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    Cheating Girlfriend or Spying Boyfriend ?

    @jesse masturbation that sounds nice. i mean sometimes it's a lot better.
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    Cheating Girlfriend or Spying Boyfriend ?

    So today i was surfing the interwebs and found this demotivational image and was caught in thoughts for few minutes. Whose fault is it ?
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    Yesterday was my birthday but everyone ignored me

    Even if it's late Happy Birthday. Sorry to hear that your wife forgot about it she should feel bad if isn't she doesn't really love you like you do her. :facepalm: Fucking fail and i am serious not making any jokes at your cost i swear just really weird. Even my ex-wife bought me a present on...
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    Whats for dinner?

    i see what you did there. :P
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    Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation.

    is this about win8 or win7 ???
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    Facts About Bill Gates

    bill isn't earning from microsoft now, he is retired and he doesn't earn this much this news is 17 years old. this news is from when win95 was launched.
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    What do you do when you are sad?

    is there somebody on the planet that doesn't have problems like these i mean a girlfriend left you boo hoo cry me a river. my ex wife (she was the love of my life) left me for somebody she met in a bar and took my daughter when she was 1 year old now she doesn't even recognize me and that is...
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    What do you do when you are sad?

    you must be the fekkin incredible hulk by now @cvrle77. i just watch porn big boobies make me feel better to be honest. (don't judge me if you didn't try).
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    Funny (true) Story: OSX Goes Skinny Dipping

    what kind of a phone was it?
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