[FREE] AnonArchive - Anonymous File Storage and Distribution


Anonymous, Private, and Secure File Storage and Distribution made easy.

AnonArchive is a free, privacy/anonymity-oriented file sharing, storing and distribution platform, with a completely unique website, and form of security, completely controlled by the end user, we are a service to beat!

We allow anyone, to store any files they wish completely anonymously, with optional encryption (AES-256). We do not store your archive keys in plain-text (SHA256 HASHING) or have access to any kind of "access_logs" that could point us toward the controllers/managers of specific archives, if you lose your keys (encryption & archive keys), then you will either lose access to your archive, or the encrypted file.

Privacy, begins with anonymity.

Some of our key features:
  • Optional (User-Controlled) File Encryption with AES-256bit (Military Grade).
  • No Login Needed. 100% controlled by Public and Private Keys.
  • Delete archive and, or any or all associated files.

Visit our website: anonarchive.org/home
Create your archive: anonarchive.org/create
Join our discord: discord.anonarchive.org
PGP: anonarchive.org/pgp
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Every created archive will get 1GB of storage completely free. What are you waiting for? Create your archive now!
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We've slightly updated our UI to make it more compact, more changes to come.
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