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  • Hello sir
    This is nithingowda

    I requested payout on wme
    But now my payout on hold
    I don't know why
    I'm primarily using file hosting is uploaded. net

    This is my first payment
    I need to pay my internet bill and I worked hard for 3 months to make 100euro

    Now I'm ready to give u anything sir
    My uploading forum and my ip and mac address also

    Please understand my problem
    And payme soon sir
    My username: nithingowda

    Thank u
    different from others ...
    I'm coming here to thank and congratulate.
    From what they are doing to its users.
    seeking the best for everyone.
    making it possible and the impossible!

    I'm brazilian, sorry for bad english!
    but I hope they understand the message!
    UL the best!
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