1. B

    Alternative to Generalfiles.com (similar to FileDiva) ?

    The service was available at generalfil.es but now it is terminated. Anybody was able to submit their own file links, and visitors was able to search for files.
  2. E

    EasyFileCloud.com - $10 x 1000 Download, 5% for referrals, 50% sales commission, 80% of Downloads, 10% Rebills- Official Support Forum

    Hello, I'm Andres, manager at EasyFileCloud.com I will answer your questions. This is the official forum for general questions and answers. First that is EasyFileCloud.com It is an international hosting service for files, videos, photos, documents, fast, secure and stable, we have the...
  3. ddownload.com

    DDOWNLOAD.COM - 50% OF SALES | PPD $40/1000 DLs | MIXED

    I would like to introduce the filehost (DDOWNLOAD). I am also the official support and known under Alexander. You have the opportunity to earn money with us. We have the options Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Download and Mixed. (https://ddownload.com/?op=make_money - Register to view the content)...
  4. monsterhunter32

    File Hosting & Music Hosting Advice

    We have a video hosting website here, and are planning to add file hosting and music hosting to the website. The idea is that once a member signs up they can upload video's, files, or music to our website and embed our video player, music player, and file share link onto their own website. In...
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