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  1. FileChick


    :cloud: :cloud: Hello everyone :wave: We would like to introduce you FILECHICK, a high performance file hosting cloud & video streaming service with no video player popups. Below you will find our amazing conditions & all important information. If you have any questions, feel...
  2. T

    [FREE] AnonArchive - Anonymous File Storage and Distribution

    [AnonArchive] Anonymous, Private, and Secure File Storage and Distribution made easy. AnonArchive is a free, privacy/anonymity-oriented file sharing, storing and distribution platform, with a completely unique website, and form of security, completely controlled by the end user, we are a...
  3. : Reliable Storage Solution | Profitable for Partners

    Hello WJ community, is looking for partners who want to earn extra money. Besides earning, we are providing reliable storage solution with no extra cost too. It’s completely free. Rewards for webmaster, uploaders and publishers. Withdrawal options: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer and...
  4. V

    Free course "How to get a passive income on file-sharing services"

    Hi, have anyone watched this free course on udemy? Please share your opinion about it. And also here is the Russian version of the same course: What do you think, is it good for newcomers?
  5. S

    Uploading services scam review

    Here I'll review all cheating & scam of uploading services to their uploaders. 1605729759 First in my scam-list: DDownload is a scam service that steals money from their uploaders. Uploaders lose their money, earning only 25% instead of 100% referral earnings. DDL counts referral earnings...
  6. Evoload-Jason - Multi-Quality | Fast Payouts | API | FTP | Premium | High speed | Affiliates

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jason, i'm the official representative of Evoload.IO ,I am your Affiliate Manager # What is Evoload.IO is a premium quality host made for stability and scalability by the team behind Jetload.NET which gained the trust of a lot of users & webmasters...
  7. C


    Hello guys i have question. Will i get in trouble if i use torrent trough vps that is located in france/germany
  8. C

    DMCA ignored hosts?

    Which hosts ignore DMCA
  9. C

    How Do You Keep Your Video Files Active? (File Hosting Sites)

    How do you keep your files on streaming sites (eg. clipwatching, netu, upstream, etc) alive? like an example, i have some tv shows that have some episodes that arent watched because theyre old so i have to keep uploading the episode. Was thinking of cloning and cloning back but doubt that'll...
  10. up-file - Earn Money Uploading Files - 120$ / 1000 T1

    Welcome to UP-FILE file uploader! Earn money uploading your own files, up to 100$ every 1000 downloads! , Easy to use and with huge limits to upload your files! Start making money today! JOIN NOW TO UP-FILE! Launch promotion: US|CA|DE|FR|GB|ES|NL|IT|PT USA: 120$ - Every 1.000 Downloads T1...
  11. pouchal

    Sites that offer VIDEA.HU remote upload support?

    I use and this site offers a lot of remote upload support. I'm looking for a site that supports remote uplaod support. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  12. F - 55% of Sales & 50% rebills + 5% for sites - Earn with us! Greetings to all! We are glad to present you the new file hosting service. And also we invite webmasters and site owners who want to work productively and earn money for cooperation. Our File Sharing Service is suitable both for its resources (blogs...
  13. N – private, trustworthy service for special webmasters!

    Dear users, I represent and I'm happy to start our official thread here. Many may know that we are in business since 2012 and have perfect reputation. Stable payouts, safe work space and trustworthy service is what we are known for. We would like to invite all special webmasters to...
  14. NinjaStream - Share with no limits | Fast Support & Service

    Share with no limits. Hello, I would like to share our new file hosting service, is currently on alpha phase. We have been working on this project on our local computers since last year. We made this project because we are tired of using other file hosting services after google...
  15. E - $10 x 1000 Download, 5% for referrals, 50% sales commission, 80% of Downloads, 10% Rebills- Official Support Forum

    Hello, I'm Andres, manager at I will answer your questions. This is the official forum for general questions and answers. First that is It is an international hosting service for files, videos, photos, documents, fast, secure and stable, we have the...
  16. I


  17. L

    Video host without uploading limits

    Hey everyone. Im looking for a video host provider with an api and doesn't have an uploading or copying limitations. I tried asking if uploading reatrictions is lifted with a premium membership, but they all said couldnt lift it. Anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks!
  18. U - 60% OF SALES & Rebills - PPD $20/1000 DLs

    Hello I am Abdulrahim from with You we have launched our website Recently we Work as ( PPD, PPS, PPD+PPS ). PPD we Pay 100% PPD downloads: PPS we pay 60% Sales to Users: MIX (PPD+PPS) we pay 60% downloads and 20% Sales We pay Real Rates A(20$), B(12$), C(8$), D(4$) for Countries...
  19. support_nelion - file sharing service created for webmasters

    Good day to all! We are glad to present to your attention the file sharing service - created by webmasters and for webmasters. Daily payments, increased % deductions for succesful webmasters, file storage time is 365 days from the last download. PPS PLAN 55% from sales* 55% - from...
  20. Chunky Monkey


    What have you heard about this host? Do they payout? On time? Affiliate program?
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