Really great, 100 per month, wow, really?

In serious, I know 7 guys banned by FF admin, grabbing their money and done.

Good uploader earn much more, really MUCH more and for those guys is FF only a big, big scam.

<a href="https://imagetwist.com/rhzz7n3ndlln/pix.jpg.html" target="_blank">
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u can see the proof https://imagetwist.com/rhzz7n3ndlln/pix.jpg you can see the proof
You are so fake that you don't even know how to post image to the forum... smh
filefucktory bro sorry but ur site is so over,lot of genuine legit big uploader compalin in thread,i mean payment pending for more than an year?completely unacceptable,uploader put effort and they want their well earned money back,but they not get,and u try attracti new uploader by post fake screen,u can try all u want but everyone know this trick now
Yeah, FileFactory has devolved into a de facto scam site for uploaders.
They haven't paid consistently for years and now they don't pay at all.

Contact requests and emails mostly go unanswered and if you do by chance get a response it is something unspecific and generic like "soon" but even that is a lie.

The lesson here is: Once a site starts breaking agreements and violating their own payment schedule it is time to move on.