which social network is most effective?

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Hi guys, all of us have already known about the strength of social media. It can drive to our website a huge amount of traffic which can be converted to loyalty customers. However, it's quite hard to find out which one is the best for our SEO strategy. In your view, which one is the best?
Facebook, Google +, twitter, Linkden, Instagram, ...
Is this even a question? The rate at which Facebook is growing and innovating, they are the alpha in the market.
Different social media sites have different purpose. Like young people mostly use Facebook for their regular use, as well as many business people are using it in business purpose through Facebook page. And you can get lots of visitors from there as well. Twitter mostly used for giving frequent update and can provide visitors as well. Where LinkedIn mostly used by the professionals and very much helpful in getting visitors as well as potential clients. Instagram and Pinterest mostly used for showing the products, so all e-commerce business used them.
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Facebook, Google +, twitter, Linkdin, Instagram all are my favourite and helpful for generating traffic.But out of this Facebook is the best and popular social networking site.
I honestly would say most young people have moved over to Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook is more kind of for older people nowadays.
social medias area really great for SEO and more efficient an social media that i am using for SEO is Facebook, google plus
according to my thinking and on the behalf of my experiance i preface all social media sites book marking particularly Facebook, Twitter and Pin trust these are most leading social media site for generating traffic for you websites
I think that for every kind of business there is a social network that would fit it best. In my opinion there is nothing more convenient for B2B advertising and finding clients among the other business people as LinkedIn. Also Facebook, but not so much. Facebook is better for B2C advertising but if you have knowledge of operating all of the useful features Facebook has.
I don't consider Twitter as a very useful medium for the reason that a lot of people use if to rant and brag about random stuff which is totally unrelated to business...
Facebook is probably the best social network to help to increase traffic of your website, especially working on facebook groups can be really effective to increase traffic to any web page.
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