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    Vidcloud.co is a file sharing service i used on my site and he paid me around $800 first month and after that he stopped for sometime. Now what happened is when i used my own BTC address last time when said payments are working and clicked the payout button it showed me my BTC address in pending address and guess what? i didn't get the payment. After 2 days every BTC address in my Vidcloud History Changed by SQL by Vidcloud scamming owner/developers/admin/mods.

    Check Transactions to this address https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/1BHG5cU9h2DBCnYm1DCsa1sgqXHAyvLdB6 and then look at the picture below.


    Now when you check the address it tells you only 4 transactions were made... in my account it tells 17 Payments were sent to that address while nothing was sent there.

    These are the Emails we exchanged...


    Finally He made a Mistake when he changed all address in the SQL again with my this latest address "1411mLLNc7MAgwHkPWnRxFCEAh2Zajfkpo" with this "1AJr4kmNEneizNC2wochNmhKDGy6e8BfrJ". Now i have proofs in emails and screenshots from my Vidcloud.co account.

    I myself am a developer/programmer and i work daily on SQL's/Json Manually and automatically... Replacing something in sql/json isn't difficult. I work a lot and hard even though i have one of the biggest websites in business but i think it's best if i tell it to everyone and every new site owner to not use this service because instead of earning you will lose a lot of money.

    Nothing was hacked... Only vidcloud.co scammed me and lied about it.

    Hope everyone out there will make a good choice to not use this site. One thing is true his servers are fast and video streaming is better there but one more thing he steals from encoded videos from services like Rapidvideo.com, Openload.co, Streamango.com (These are the best guys in the Business).

    If you want to make real money from Video Providers then these services are best Rapidvideo.com, Openload.co, Streamango.com.

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