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    rapidvideo.icu | Very Simple Rapidvideo DMCA / Uploading Bot

    Rapidvideo.icu Rapidvideo.icu is a free and easy tool to keep rapidvideo links from going dead. x.x How does it work? Use and Embed any Rapidvideo link like you would rapidvideo.com but replace rapidvideo.com with rapidvideo.icu => <iframe width="640" height="360"...
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    Vidcloud.co Scamming Website Owners | Changing BTC address and sending payment to himself

    Vidcloud.co is a file sharing service i used on my site and he paid me around $800 first month and after that he stopped for sometime. Now what happened is when i used my own BTC address last time when said payments are working and clicked the payout button it showed me my BTC address in pending...
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    Vidcloud.co - $50 per 10000 views + Bonus - Daily Payment - Only Clean Ads

    Dear WJunction friends, I am Eddie from Vidcloud team, I will be your affiliate manager in this Official Support thread. Let me introduce our video hosting service Vidcloud. GRAND OPENING PROMOTION !!! $45 FOR TIER 1 . Autria + Spain + France is Now on Tier 2 GRAND OPENING PROMOTION ...
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