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Just wondering, Is anyone here from Syria i just heard what happened with all the chemical weapons and the US being on the brink of war with Syria,

I don't watch TV much so i was not aware so much is going on.

What is your take on everything ?
This is a complicated situation. Because there is more at stake here than Syria in itself. Violence has engulfed the entire Middle East in the past few years. What we've been trying to do is get a grip on the violence. Set a precedent for this sort of thing which enables people in other countries that want change to know that the USA will be there to back them up.

What were seeing is a region that is having difficulty with change, democracy and becoming more civilized.

There's old fashioned groups who don't want their women to be able to go to school, to learn, to remove their veil. There's people who don't want the "Western" way of life with all of the Internet and Movies and so forth. There's Governments who want to keep things just the way they are so they continue to live luxuriously and keep the people down. There's people who want the power and want the people to have none. But then there's people who do want more out of life and are realizing that things aren't fucking normal after all.

It's a difficult time, lot's of change is taking place in regions where people want to progress, want to be free, independent and no longer controlled. So you're seeing Rebellions, Freedom Fighters, and your seeing Governments who are trying to smash down these Revolutions.

It's hard to say what's right and what's wrong 100% because none of us are there, none of us are on the ground witnessing what's happening. It would be really nice to get someone in here from Syria to actually say what's going on. But due to the Government control there have been complete Internet Blackouts. The Government has EXCESSIVE restrictions on websites, so I doubt we'll even get anyone here.

It makes me mad to see other people being controlled, living in poverty and then when they finally get the balls to stand up to the oppressor, everyone wants to sit back and do nothing. The year is 2013AD not 2013BC people. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Democracy is in, bye bye to the Stone Age.

In regards to Syria, who knows if we'll really attack the Syrian Government or if we'll attack the Rebels. I know for sure that we've learned our lesson in the past about how hard it is to find these types of Extremists. They hide in mountains and caves for years. So what would be the best way to exterminate them then to befriend them and make them think were going to take out the Government for them? All I know is our goal is to end the war, spread the Democracy and see people living a life of Freedom.
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I said this before and i'm going to say it again the US does not even know who they are helping.
A lot of the "rebels" openly admit to being al qaeda, So you would rather remove a govt and let terrorists take over ? (sarcasm) Great idea.
A lot of the "rebels" have committed horrific crimes as well did you hear about that commander eating a dead mans heart ? He sure sounds like a friendly chap suited to take over a government of a war torn country that has just been flattened by the US.

But the US is not going to let the UN investigate the war crimes committed by the "rebels" because Assad has to be removed and innocent people need bombs dropped on them because they rule the world.

They know exactly who they are helping. Looking back at how al-quaeda was formed, they were originally trained by the CIA to fight Russia at the Afghan-Russia border. The US govt, however stupid they might seem, know exactly what they are doing and are very good at keeping things in the dark (e.g. the amount of info leaked by snowden was all confidential, until recently). Imagine what else you don't know?

The UN should be left to carry out their testing and these discussions should be happening once the results have proven who used the weapons. The US apparently has "evidence" that the chemical weapons were used by the Syrian govt, but after reading about this co-called evidence, anyone with a brain wouldn't call that evidence. It's a shambles, and the US is doing a sloppy job to cover up their mistakes. I'm not buying it.

The point I would like to make is that the majority of people are talking about whether it's "right or wrong" for the west to get involved. Well, the answer is: it's wrong, they have no evidence and no right to intervene in the civil war. The discussion should actually be about the underlying reasons why the west want to (officially) get involved with the conflict in Syria, as they have done with many Islamic countries.

Most people are just too small minded to see the overall picture and visualize how the US has gained extensive control over the middle-east since WWII.
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Yes your right, we did train, arm and fund the "Taliban" to keep Russia out of Afghanistan. Why? Because Russia was invading them to take over their country and steal their oil.

"The United Nations had condemned the invasion as early as January 1980 but a Security Council motion calling for the withdrawal of Russian forces had been Russia."

So then the United States took it upon themselves to fight Russia and to get them out of there.

Were not on the Extremist side of the world, that doesn't make any sense. The Extremists are people who want to drop Nuclear Bombs on Israel and on us for crying out loud. :rofl:

As I've stated multiple times. We do not start the wars, we fucking end them. If were financing a group, it's to protect their own land, it's for them to defeat oppression.
Wow To0, you love your country so much that you fail to see the crimes of your governments. You will be as much to blame if you don't stand up and educate people on how the majority of civillian deaths across the middle-east have been due to military intervention by none other than the country you're constantly supporting.

I leave with this quote:
"Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience."
Wars are not started by us. They are started from within (Civil) or from neighboring countries (Invasions) and so on.

We decide to step up and try to help people.

When we or one of our allies gets attacked we have the right to respond.


Furthermore, we have not caused the most bloodshed in the Middle East. This has been accomplished by their own people, internal fighting, wars raging. This has been going on for all of eternity. It's seriously like when the hell is it going to end?

It was going on before we got here, it's been going on since we've been here.

To be honest I think things would be a whole lot worse than you realize without our intervention.

Today Russia would own all of Afghanistan....
Iran would own all of Iraq and probably Kuwait.....
Japan would cease to exist thanks to China.....

The entire East would be controlled by 3 elements.

It wouldn't have stopped with those countries, it would have continued.

Israel would have been completely and utterly eliminated (that's like 10,000,000 deaths in and of itself).

We don't build missile bases to attack other countries, we implement anti-missile-defense system so countries can protect themselves. Were not like Russia whose going to put up secret missile bases to launch attacks on a major city (CUBA) or invade another land for the hell of it. No, we don't do that kind of shit. We manufacture weapons and shit sure, who doesn't?

I'll leave you with a quote of my own.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

I don't expect you to understand, because your simply not involved.
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Why cant we all just get along?

Thats what i don't understand -_- i mean i do but still.

If we were to do anything to Syria it would just throw the US in more debt, Because then we would be rebuilding Syria just like we rebuilt iraq and what ever else we blew up over the last 12 years.

we all now USA statistic about Iraq war is a lie. in that 12 years they were in Iraq, they took enough oil from Iraq that covers up alot more than just war expenses !
you actually think US would invade a country and put itself in debt for the well being of the invaded country ??!! you actually believe USA Media BS ?
of course USA isnt going to say they stole all Iraq Oil in all those years, they are going to say to suffered hundreds of billions of $ over this war jsut for the well being of Iraq People and didint touch anything. How naive someone could be to believe this !!

So your saying the U.S., even though that the majority of oil production in iraq is from non u.s. based companies, still took 20 billion barrels of oil without anyone noticing?

The only oil stolen in Iraq is from corrupt iraq officials stealing it and selling it, not from the U.S.

@ ToO the reason the missiles were put in cuba by the USSR(not russia) is because the U.S. had pointed nukes at moscow several years before.
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Dont Argue with To0 guys.. he is beyond reason ! he is the type wont accept USA madness even you put million of evidence in front of his face. A true USA version Patriot XD

last night he was justifying why USA was allowed to use Chemical weapon !! i was stunned and shocked at the same time ! just give it up arguing with him . in his eyes USA is the Angel of freedom or the freedom fighters despite everything they have done. in his eyes USA never does any evil, they kill people for they own sake. they invade countries for their own sake. their soldier rape women for their own sake, their country uses White phospherus on people for their own sake . they cause civil wars to sell their weapon for their own sake. they create terrorist groups for people sake ! and etc .
eveyrthing you say he would say they do it for people sake ! I bet they dropped nuke on Japan for people's sake too :cough:
dont waste your energy guys.
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BLK has been tearing apart everything you've been saying (and he's done it to me as well, so don't feel bad) Luches. It's you who doesn't know your facts, not him.
you seriously didnt realize that was pointed to you To0 ?
blkhtr007 is much smarter at making his argument than you . you just throw your blind patriotism around , so arguing with you is pointless since you answer is based on what you are fed with American propaganda ! word falling on deaf ears !

blkhtr007 makes his point based on his opinion free of American media BS . Our opinions simply differ but i dont see him be so blind as you 6^^
@blkhtr007 so you seriously believe America would wage a 12 yr old war on Iraq and suffer like Trillions of $ war expenses for nothing ? you were there during that 12 yrs war and saw everything that they didnt touch the oil ? The only way such a thing is possible is if USA has the most stupid leaders with 2 yrs child brains ! we all know its not like that, they are cunning and very clever. if USA suffered 3 Trillion of $ in war expense they pulled 6 Trillion out of Iraq to compensate for it . they just didnt announce it on TV !
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Nope, sorry, didn't realize it.

You are just blatantly throwing around weightless words. If you notice a difference between you and everyone else who has commented in this thread you'll see one grave distinction.

Your just saying whatever you want to say, and it's backed up by zero facts and zero truths. While at least the rest of us base what we are saying off of real true events, dates, times, figures and then go from there.


Yes we suffered a $3 Trillion War expense.

if USA suffered 3 Trillion of $ in war expense they pulled 6 Trillion out of Iraq to compensate for it . they just didn't announce it on TV !

You said that above. So you think Iraq had $6 Trill we could walk out of there with? :rofl:

HINT: GDP of Iraq for the entire year of 2012 was less than $150 billion USD.
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It would actually be a minimum of 230 Billion barrels U.S. companies would have to get in order for the government to get even, if you factor in the fact that there will be health care costs 3x of what the war/occupation cost, as well as the fact there is no State owned oil company in the United States. So the government would only be getting taxes from the companies. Iraq only has reserves of 112 billion barrels at the most.
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It would actually be a minimum of 230 Billion barrels U.S. companies would have to get in order for the government to get even, if you factor in the fact that there will be health care costs 3x of what the war/occupation cost, as well as the fact there is no State owned oil company in the United States. So the government would only be getting taxes from the companies. Iraq only has reserves of 112 billion barrels at the most.

War cost? You mean war gain? They don't lose in war games, war is what moves their industry and economy. More they spend, the better. They can print all the money they need, borrow it from FRB, and convert it into a number, as debt. But the gain is far bigger.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is inviting former foe Sen. John McCain to the White House, hoping one of Congress' most intractable foreign policy hawks will help sell the idea of a U.S. military intervention in Syria to a nation deeply scarred by more than a decade of war.
Having announced over the weekend that he'll seek congressional approval for military strikes against the Assad regime, the Obama administration is now trying to rally support among Americans and their congressman and senators.
Monday's meeting with McCain is meant to address concerns of those who feel Obama isn't doing enough to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad's government for an attack in the Damascus suburbs last month that the U.S. says included sarin gas and killed at least 1,429 civilians, more than 400 of whom were children. On the other side of the spectrum, some Republican and Democratic lawmakers don't want to see military action at all.
Obama's turnabout on Syria sets the stage for the biggest foreign policy vote in Congress since the Iraq war.

In an interview with an Israeli television network, he said Obama has "encouraged our enemies" by effectively punting his decision to Congress. He and fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have threatened to vote against Obama's authorization if the military plan doesn't seek to shift the momentum of the 2 ½ year civil war toward the rebels trying to oust Assad from power.
Obama is trying to convince Americans and the world about the need for action.
So far, he is finding few international partners willing to engage in a conflict that has claimed more than 100,000 lives in the past 2½ years and dragged in terrorist groups on both sides of the battlefield.
Only France is firmly on board among the major military powers. Britain's Parliament rejected the use of force in a vote last week.
I pray for the people of Syria. My country doesn't want to get involved (UK) but the US's false democracy will be shown to all here when they still proceed to invade after the majority doesn't want this to happen.
1. The US is a republic not a democracy, if it was a democracy there would be an open vote setup where the majority votes gets the say.
2. The US is just planning air strikes and strikes from naval ships on military locations,not an invasion. Even though people bring up Iraq and Afghanistan they aren't mentioning Libya from 2 years ago where the U.S just did air/naval strikes not invasion.
People need to realize one thing.The Syrian Crisis needs to be dealt at different aspects.
The revolution against Bashar Al Assad is because the regime is Brutal in killing civilians .
The revolution consists a significant majority of its own people who are fed up of Bashar Al Assad.
Some how this war is now divided into a sectarian conflict.
The Rebels have no choice left.There houses are burnt down,families killed.No one supported them.They are Muslims .Out of the Dark America comes to provide weapons.NO ONE ELSE DOES Ask yourself sincerely if your life is in danger would you not sought any help?
America is taking opportunity of the situation seeking more discord.
But the rebels have no choice either to die at hands of bashar,submit to him, or accept help from America.
So anyone who tries to prove innocence of America or Bashar than he/she is misinformed.
Pray for the syrian people
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