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What I offer
My ecosystem Ryū, provides hundreds of utilities to programmers and webmasters alike. I provide different and robust ways to distribute videos on the Internet.

What is Ryū
Ryū are isolated systems that can work together, providing utilities for video transmission.

RyūStorage offers an integrated continuum for saving and distributing videos

What you can do with this system, from completely removing a host that has stopped working, uploading all the videos to a new host, verifying and summarizing the fallen videos, synchronizing the videos and verifying them until downloading the videos

Supported servers
  • 1fichier
  • fembed ( supported premium accounts )
  • streamtape
  • uptobox
  • storage ( Google )
  • s3 ( amazon )
  • NjinjaStream
  • Aparat
  • mystream ( supported premium accounts )

  • Anyone who wishes and wants to add

Applied technologies
The system takes time to configure and needs modifications on your website ( wordpress / CMS )

Once configured, you will only need to set the ID generated by my system (e.g. ur4scGc7u16 ) on your website and my system will do the rest of the work
checking about 5,000 files per day

Each client has separate facilities managed by me

Price: $1,000
Support: $100 Monthly ( optional if you have programmers, you can do it for me )

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me

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