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Dear partners! by PropellerAds is ready to share lots of profit with you.

Meet Smart Tag - traffic monetization tool for advanced users!

We’ve done our best to meet the expectations of experienced webmasters and to make a fully customizable product, where the limit of your earnings will depend only on you.

We do not limit you to the basic sets of landing pages, which have already flashed a hundred times before the eyes of users and your chance to get a single conversion is vanishing.

All you need to do is to embed our Smart Tag code on your landing page/website and right after that, you can manage the subscription process as you see fit. Your conversions and revenue are in your hands. - is not a shrink-wrapped product with limited functions. This flexible and accessible tool was built for experienced webmasters, site owners and affiliate marketers to help them adjust the subscription process to their goals.

What to monetize?
Paid traffic: native ads, redirects, clickunder; email, social media traffic, etc. Any platform is accepted: desktop and mobile.

What websites do we accept?
For now, you can monetize traffic from https websites and landing pages (get https for free at the Cloudflare).

[Unique option]: Content locker
This special tool is "locking" your content for a user until he/she completes the target action (i.e, subscribe to notifications).

How you get paid
  • CPM aka Revenue share - you are paid for each ad impression, i.e., each time an ad is shown to your subscriber. Get up to 80% of the revenue.
  • CPS - you are paid only once as soon as a user subscribes to receive Push Notifications. Get up to $90 for 1000 subscriptions.

More benefits
  • Professional support team
  • Weekly payouts
  • Add +20% to your profit with Traffic back
  • Free welcome consultation
  • User-friendly platform

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Less than a week left until Chrome 80 is out in the wild, and publishers should be geared up for whatever Google brings to the table.

❓ Will be Push-notifications blocked in the latest version?
❓ What will happen to your profit?
❓ Do you need to change your site?

Let’s dive right in and get to all the details.

What are these updates about?

Chrome has recently revealed that it’s planning to change the Push subscription process on some websites.
In essence, in certain cases, the permission request will be automatically blocked. Instead of traditional permission dialog popup, a bell icon will be shown in the address bar.

  • This change does NOT affect all the websites
  • Even if the permission request is blocked, users still can manually subscribe to receive Push notifications
  • These updates will affect both desktop and mobile websites
How does Chrome decide when to block?

Chrome says that there are two scenarios when a Push opt-in request can be automatically blocked:
  • The website has low opt-in rates – a majority of users have blocked Push Notifications on this website. What’s important is that websites with high subscription rates will not be affected.
  • A user constantly blocks Push Notifications on all websites – users who don’t like this communication channel never subscribe anyway, so you’re not losing anything.
How to get more subscriptions?

We summed up the recommendations from Chrome and our monetization specialists on how to increase your Push Notifications profits and improve the UX of your website.

1. Mind the user journey
Find the right moment to show the permission request. Don’t prompt users to subscribe when they first arrive at the website. We recommend to delay this moment and wait until the user acquaints with the content of your website.

2. Explain what will happen after
It’s important that a user understands why he should subscribe, his benefits, and what will happen after he subscribes. Compare these opt-in requests:

No information, but lots of requests

Here are some better examples:


3. Make it clear if the subscription is needed to use a feature of your website
If certain functionality of your website depends on Push subscription – notify users about that. For example, if you monetize with Content Locker – explain how it works, don’t just silently prompt them to opt-in.

We recommend testing Content Locker – it’s a tool that can increase your monetization income!

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