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    Jan 8, 2014
    Hi, Would just like make the forum users aware of various scripts that we have to offer at mfscripts.

    YetiShare - Professional file hosting script
    This PHP5 script enables you to setup and manage a professional file hosting website.It comes with a full admin area for managing the site, a modern multi-file upload interface, user registration & members area, premium upgrades via PayPal, easy advert integration, feature rich admin area, multiple external file server support, remote url upload, plugins, download speed restrictions for free users and much more. We also regularly develop updates and plugins for the script.

    Website = File Hosting Script - YetiShare
    Demo = Upload Files - File Upload Script

    Wurlie - Short URL Script
    * Users can enter a long Url and create a shortened version that redirects to the original. * Users can enter a custom short url id. * IP blacklisting - ban users from either the whole site or just creating urls. * Term blacklisting - ban certain terms or website urls from being used. * Bookmark shortcut to the site - add 'create short url' link to browser for any site. * Bookmark shortcut to Twitter - shorten sites directly to Twitter. * Delayed, top/bottom framed or direct redirects. * Spam protection - Set minimum time between submissions. * Spam protection - Set maximum urls a user can create per day. * Maximum short url uses option. * Expiry date option. * Password set option. * 3 different coloured templates. * Easy Ads - Use the admin interface to easily integrate your banner ads/advert code. * Report abuse pages. * Translation admin tools. * Multiple language support. * Translation debugging tools. * Full admin area: * Easy installation.

    Website = Short Url Script, Make Money, Powerful PayPerView Plugin - Wurlie
    Demo = Create short url - Short Url Site

    Fonts Site Script with 13,000 Bundled Fonts
    This PHP site script enables you to setup your own full fonts website script already pre-loaded with 13,000 free ttf fonts. Over 13,000 free fonts bundled with the script including all their original licence information. PHP5 driven site with easy setup and configuration. SEO friendly urls for search engines and meta information pre-loaded. Automatic font preview creation. Categorised fonts. Search pages. Ajax rating system for all fonts. Custom preview text option for user. Custom preview text colour option for user. Submit new font option for user and approval via admin. Automatic character map for all fonts. Comments facility on all fonts. Preview font archive contents before downloading including licence information if applicable.We also regularly develop updates and plugins for the script.

    Website = mfscripts.com/fonts_website_script.html
    Demo = mfscripts.com/demos/font_site_script/

    PHP User Management Script
    There's 2 options for integration: 1) Basic integration - Navigate your files via the script and select the minimum permission level required. Works with all file types. 2) PHP integration - For advanced integration in PHP . Use the script in your existing site to secure your pages to a specific permission level. Works with PHP files. Features: - Add/Edit unlimited users. - Set expiry dates for users. - Set active dates for users. - Set permission levels. - Create unlimited custom permission levels. - Simple setup of permissions via interface, no coding required. - 5 css templates for the admin area. - Restrict inline content to specific permission levels. - The flexibility to restrict music, videos, documents, any files. - Forgot/Reset password functionality. - Suspend, disable, expire account. - Ajax interface. - Full source code.We also regularly develop updates and plugins for the script.

    Website = PHP Login Scripts - PHP Login and User Management Scripts
    Demo = User Login & Management System

    S3 Backup WHM Script
    Backup your WHM & cPanel backup archives to Amazons hugely resilient Simple Storage Service (S3). Take advantage of automated off-site WHM backups without the need for additional costly hardware. S3BackupWHM tags onto the end of your existing WHM backup process and securely copies your backed up files to Amazon S3.

    Website = Securely backup your WHM server to Amazon S3 - S3BackupWHM.com

    Feel free to ask any questions about the scripts,

    Kind Regards,

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