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  1. YouDBox - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    Hello Wjunction users, We are proud to introduce our free cloud storage and video streaming service for you. We would like to offer you a new and problem-free uploading solution and flexible affiliate program that suit your needs to maximize your revenue from your daily upload...
  2. support_florenfile - Official Support

    Hello! We like present you our file sharing service We invite for cooperation webmasters, site owners and everyone who wants work honestly (without shave!) and receive all their earned money. Our rates: - 50% from sales and automatic rebills (from filehost profit!). - 10%...
  3. U - 60% OF SALES & Rebills - PPD $20/1000 DLs

    Hello I am Abdulrahim from with You we have launched our website Recently we Work as ( PPD, PPS, PPD+PPS ). PPD we Pay 100% PPD downloads: PPS we pay 60% Sales to Users: MIX (PPD+PPS) we pay 60% downloads and 20% Sales We pay Real Rates A(20$), B(12$), C(8$), D(4$) for Countries...
  4. support_nelion - file sharing service created for webmasters

    Good day to all! We are glad to present to your attention the file sharing service - created by webmasters and for webmasters. Weekly payments, increased% deductions for succesful webmasters, file storage time is 120 days from the last download. 55% from sales 55% - from renewals 5% -...
  5. share108

    Share108 File Sharing seeking affiliates

    Share108 pays affiliates 50% of Sales and/or for downloads as well. The downloads program pays differently for file sizes and countries like most others. We have many servers and our system has been running for a few years, so it is well tested. Use Share108. It is a small company and does...
  6. I

    BESTEMBED.STREAM Google Photos Hotlinking

    BESTEMBED.STREAM What is BestEmbed? It is a website / tool which allowes you to hotlink google photos videos and share them via custom player on the entire web. Is it Free? Yes 100% How does it work? Goto Then add the url and click the button below TIP: Urls...
  7. C

    Selling Income Monster Full Yetishare File Hosting/Streaming Script & All Plugins

    Worked on it for the past 1.5 years and peaked at ~1600 paying subscribers. Had another full time programmer. Moving on to other projects so parting ways with this gem. There's a huge potential for the script as it's built on a good infrastructure via nginx. It also has a healthy forum with...
  8. C

    Selling XFileSharing Pro with Advanced download mod and Server

    I have purchased XFileSharing Pro and no longer to use it. I am selling XFileSharing Pro($99) with Advanced download mod($169). My selling price is $150 only. (It cost $268). You only need to pay extra for domain change. ========== Also want to sell the server. I bought server from...
  9. L


    Please review my website file sharing feature - no registration required - maximum file size upload 100 mb - upload up to 3 files at once - files will be deleted automatically after 7 days - share your files via Email,QR Code,Social - short url - password protect - number...
  10. U

    UsersDrive.COM - Free file hosting service - With Highest PPD rates in the market.

    Hi ! Wjuncion #Members We are glad to announce our free file hosting & sharing service, which concentrates on quality service not on making money by putting annoying ads on the site. What differentiates from other file hosting services? We Focus on quality not on making money...
  11. N

    filehosting expiry

    Hello, we all know that filesharing website (Cyperlockers) like zippyshare or depositefiles, delete your files if you are on free plan after 30 days, on premium plan it can last forever. only on the free plan, they keep the file if its downloaded, then it will be extended for another 30 days...
  12. F

    How to make money

    Need Help about Vidoza. Can any one tell me from where i can download adult videos to upload Vidoza site. Thanks In Advance.
  13. S - ADULT ShortURL Earn Upto $45/10k, Minimum $15/10k - Daily Payout!

    Aloha Wjunction members !!! We are here to introduce your friendly Adult url shortner!! From welcomes all affiliates around the globe looking for a better and reliable url shortner. The site was developed solely to be genuine and a SCAM-FREE url shortner. We firmly intend to...
  14. C

    Would you be interested? New Email, Chat and File sharing Application for Hosting Providers

    Hello guys, we've been developing an application that you install on your cPanel server(s) and after that, you get a centralized place ( where your hosting customers originating from these servers can login and use it to email, chat, make audio/video calls, conferences...
  15. C

    Dedicated Server for storage

    Hello, I am looking for a Dedicated Server for storage. I prefer storage option around $5 per TB (HDD). Is there any offers or any pleace to get a server with that price? RAM should be around 16GB Thank you.
  16. S - ShortURL Earn Upto $72/10k, Minimum $24/10k , Daily Payout - Upto 3x Count ! Aloha Wjunction members !!! We are here to introduce your friendly supra-url shortner!! welcomes all affiliates around the globe looking for a better and reliable url shortner. The site was developed solely to be genuine and a SCAM-FREE url shortner. We firmly intend to stay...
  17. S

    What are the best video sharing sites?

    Hi, i am new this world of download/streaming. I searched on the web for best video sharing websites that pay minimum $10 per 1K download/streaming. If you have any suggestion please let me know.
  18. S

    XVideosharing video hosting script official support

    Hello Everyone. We have 8+ years experience in building video streaming websites, so we made a great product for you to start powerful video portal / tube site - XVideosharing video hosting script. Few features: Multiserver (uploader, encoder, storage) 4k Ultra HD video support...
  19. J

    Today i found this file host website very fast upload and download for guest and regular users i ask support about deleting file periode he say file between 1 kb and 500 mb never delete
  20. X

    Best Warez File Hosting Websites (Filehosts) for PPS Plan

    Every uploader want to know the best file sharing websites according to PPS Plan. Many file hosting websites offer very good rate but customers don't buy their premium account, so uploaders have few chance to income much. Some filehosts may be cheat with uploaders not counting sales accurately...
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