Premium Plus | 80% Inital Sale /80% Rebill | $50/1K Downloads

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Dear Wjunction users, I would like to introduce the New Filehost Project (Launched 5th Oct 2022)

We have the options PPS, PPD and MIX.

PPS: Sale 80% / Rebills 80% + 5% Webmaster Tools
Mix: 35% Sales/ 35% Downloads

Rules and Conditions:
File storage will be 90 days from the last download.
Available File upload / Remote upload /FTP upload/API Upload/ Z-o-o-m Upload .
We count every successful completed download 1 time/24H
Minimum payout is $20 USD.
10% of profits will be credited to your account.

Weekly payout, Partners can receive payments in Paypal、Tether TRC20、Bitcoin

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Payment still holding in my wallet.
i contact you by mail you said send your wallet here. I have 5 day ago and still now nothing received

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I have received the amount on this Wallet but still holding for now.

i have changed this wallet because it's expired as binanc ask
new one send to your mail from

We have transferred this payment few days ago and the problem is from the side of Binance, please send them an email to follow up on the problem.
Every uploader who uploads on these two forums will receive a $75 bonus. This offer is for the first 5 uploader.
How post their. you dont allow download more than 2 gb.

Do not:
  • post a premium link requiring payment, registration or downloading an application to access hosted content.
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And they ban me 😥
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Good afternoon, I have a payment on the platform that appears as paid, but it still hasn't reached my binance wallet, is it normal, it takes a few hours to credit it or when it says paid, is it already sent?
ftp upload is not working 80% time, webupload oftent miss file. lol

A big filehost has the most worst uploading i've seen in last 10 years.
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probably looking for another alternative filehost if they can't solve it.
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