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    Dec 15, 2017
    The BlestaCMS is a plugin by Blesta.Store and it allows the customer to turn Blesta into their website, company blog and a custom menu. It's been used by over 51 customers excluding ourselves, and with 1.2.5 we now allow a free 14 day trial so you can give Blesta and the BlestaCMS a trial before you buy. Sorted!

    BlestaCMS allows you to translate your website into loads of languages with their own sub-url:

    English: https://yourdomain.com/blesta
    Spanish: https://yourdomain.com/es/blesta

    BlestaCMS Monthly: £8.80 RRP / $12.00 RRP :: WJunction Price: £4.40 / $6.00
    Coupon code: VOU-WJunctionCMSM

    BlestaCMSOwned: £112.00RRP /$150.00 RRP :: WJunction Price: £84.00 / $112.50
    Coupon code: VOU-WJunctionCMSO

    Order here.

    BlestaCMS 1.2.6 is currently in development which will improve the Mega Menu, and a few more features and 1.3.0 will improve the plugin even more.


    From this:

    To this:

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