1. fr0zen

    Selling Wordpress TMDB Movies, TV Shows & Anime Bulk Importer Plugin (Premium)

    What It Is This plugin allows you to BULK IMPORT Movies, TV series & Anime from TMDb in all possible ways. The plugin is unlicensed, unprotected, without credit system and is not connected to any server, but it uses the official TMDB APIs. Built with Laravel and Bootstrap this plugin works...
  2. fleshlyx

    Review: html5junction.com

    Please review my friend's site https://html5junction.com and give us your valuable feedback. Thank You
  3. 2

    Buying Buying adult script

    Are there any scripts available already that function like 1337x.freepornxxxhd.co m? Appears to grab from sxyprn.ne t then reuploads to doodstream. Freepornxxxhd also appears to be a wordpress site.
  4. jiguideveloper

    Professional Website Design and Development Company

    Are you still running your old website? Do you want to redesign your current website? Do you want to create your own new Adult Website? Is your website not responsive/mobile friendly? We can help you to build your website as per your vision. AdultDC provide stylish Website Design with...
  5. T

    Automated adult tube site

    Hi, I'm looking for a script (ideally Wordpress plugin/theme) that will automatically download videos from large tubes (xvideos, xhamster, ...) and upload to my server and publish them. Does something like that exist? I know WP-script.com, but they work only with embedded. Thanks a lot
  6. fr0zen

    MovieWP - 30% discount for Christmas

    It's almost Christmas! Get 30% discount using the coupon code XMAS do not miss this opportunity! Buy it now!
  7. S

    BlackFriday / Cybermonday Deals on SEO Software 30-50% OFF!

    i thought i could share with you the coupon (hope this is ok!) for my software, you can get 30% off on all: Argo Content Generator is the Market Leader is PBN Creation and Wordpress Auto Blogging! Fully automate your Affiliate-Website building with this highly advanced tool. ARGO Backlink Bot...
  8. C

    Dooplay auto-embed

    how you all embedding your videos from your hosts? ive really hit that cbf wall of manually doing it & willing to pay someone or know-how
  9. A

    DeltaPorno - why main domain removed from google search ?

    Domain: https://deltaporno.com
  10. fr0zen

    How can i conditionally load taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php template files through functions.php

    I would like to conditionally load the taxonomies of actors and directors only if a option of my theme is active. At the moment in the root theme folder i have these 2 files taxonomy-actors.php taxonomy-directors-php I would like them to be used only if the function is active. For example...
  11. fr0zen

    Selling WP MyAnimeList - Wordpress Anime & Manga Plugin

    MyAnimeList for WordPress is an advanced plugin to turn your WordPress Blog into a Anime & Manga Database. This unique plugin for wordpress allows you to get information from Myanimelist and insert it in the post of your wordpress site. The plugin does not use any type of unofficial api as...
  12. fr0zen

    WordPress MovieWP - Movie WordPress Theme - FREE - 20 EURO DISCOUNT

    MovieWP - Movie WordPress Theme Write reviews, add video streaming, or create a Movie and TV Show database with Movie WordPress theme. Backend Demo YouTube Demo Live Demo Buy Now (You can also send me a pm!) 20 EURO DISCOUNT EXCLUSIVE FOR WJUNCTION USING THE FOLLOWING CODE Until...
  13. jkjuction

    Selling Sell a Psyplay Wordpress movie theme GNU License cheap for $3

    Hello there regards from me Guys im selling theme generally license and i sell cheap because unlimited and im not even modified or doing coding for making a harmful script inside for you who want to buy this,just gice me your gmail adress and i will send it to you by email payment via...
  14. ModulesGarden

    Get hold of new DirectAdmin Extended and WordPress Manager For WHMCS!

    1. DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 3.4.0 Mindful of the fact that the demand for powerful software solutions rises along with the dynamics of business growth, we have brought some tweaks into our pivotal DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 3.4.0 module – all for your and your clients’ ultimate...
  15. Dragurimu

    TheToro ▷El Wordpress theme more optimized for SEO and Adsense

    The toro is a Wordpress theme that is specially designed to IMPROVE your website's rankings with perfect optimization, totally clean code and fully optimized CSS. The numbers don't lie We're not going to deceive you like others... We are realists and we know that a theme does not get you to...
  16. fr0zen

    Selling Wordpress TMDB movies importer plugin

    WP TMDB importer allows you to instantly bulk import movies from the biggest online movie database. Get genre, actors, directors, release date, rating, duration, country, revenue, trailer and many more with just a few clicks. You're a Movie Fanatic / Enthusiast and you want to build a Movie...
  17. fr0zen

    Selling MovieWP - Wordpress Theme for streaming, movies and tv shows

    MovieWP - Movie WordPress Theme Write reviews, add video streaming, or create a Movie and TV Show database with Movie WordPress theme. Performance Gmetrix Performance Google Lighthouse Description MovieWordpress is an impressive theme. Its flexible design and robust...
  18. zasso

    FREE - 10 euro discount

    MovieWP - Movie WordPress Theme Write reviews, add video streaming, or create a Movie and TV Show database with Movie WordPress theme. Until June 9, 2020 use the promotional code Q8WAAXS2 and you will get 10 EURO discount on the purchase of the theme! What are you waiting for? Hurry up, buy...
  19. W

    For Hire WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Make Your WordPress Super Fast

    We are a team of WordPress experts who focuses on WordPress speed optimization. What will we do for you? Google Page / Pingdom / GTMetrix Speed Optimization Mobile Loading Speed Optimization Extra Loading Speed Optimization Optimize All Images WordPress Update Reduce the number of plugins Use...
  20. S

    Selling Automated Anime Streaming Site

    Gathering interest for an automated anime streaming site. Management is minimal, most of the work you need to do is SEO/traffic related. This streaming site scrapes other sites for english subs and dubs. It has been running for about 2-3years already. They are running on wordpress. I personally...
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