Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

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Good List..

Personal Faves for me:

Affiliate Networks:


FlexOffers and CJ, Ok... lol and Ratuken/Linkshare - I've heard too many questionable things about their overall business practices including some debacle with an alleged "charity" that was promoted that turned out to be not so much a charity (i'm not going to get into details, I'm sure you can google it)

NeverBlue/Max Bounty are (at least Nowdays) Snobby and only want high traffic (Like 10k uniques/day it seems, one of my sites that got over 4k/day wasn't high traffic enough)

Amazon's payout percentage is way too low, same with Ebay...

Standalone Affiliate:

Payoneer Affiliate Program - we all run into noobs who need to know how to get paid, they'll give you $25 for every one you refer..not bad to have in your back pocket

WPEngine Designer - They will give you your own WPEngine Hosting account for a year for signing up (just get at least 3 registrations over the course of 12 months) PLUS like $200 per signup... Awesome

Ad Networks:

Adsense - (OF COURSE) - My principal source of income for the last few years - I have officially been bought by Google lol...

I USED to like Infolinks - but they say the least lol they became more invasive and turned into something that created a bad User experience and the more invasive they became, the lower the profit margins were....went from an extra $300-400/mo (nowhere near adsense but nothing to sneeze at) to $40-45/mo getting a payout after a 3 month wait to hit threshold when I pulled the plug on it... (not to mention there was a SIGNIFICANT decline in my adsense at the same time, which bounced back after I pulled the plug on them)...

I will NEVER try Sh*tika again - their ads are repulsive and trashy (will instantly lower the real estate value of your website) - the ads are completely irrelevant contextually (even though they claim to be a contextual, and compare themselves to adsense, which is so grandiose it's laughable) - and their practices are questionable in my experience.....

Bidvertizer and Clixor (I'm pretty sure Clixor, if not one that sounds very similar, my apologies) are full of malware and have been known to get sites deindexed from Google

Just my humble opinions borne of blood, sweat and Tears

Hope this helps someone! :-D
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