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Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that due to unforeseen circumstances, I have decided to transfer ownership of WJunction, I believe I have found someone who will take the forum in the right direction and hopefully this will be going through in the upcoming days. I don't wish to go into too much detail but due to recent events (family members testing positive, an uncle passing away etc), I am having to let go of my online ventures.

I grew up with WJunction and remember exactly how I stumbled across the forum, it was Ak47 (a member back in the day), who referred me to the forum. I met a tremendous amount of people and we grew up together online, it was and is like an online family. We had a vast amount of members learn and build their businesses on WJunction, for some of them, it is their day to day job and for others their online hobby.

WJunction, as a forum, has, in my opinion, special powers. Special powers that no other forum in the world could ever possess. We help members learn and then build their empire.

I would like to give my special thanks to each and everyone one of you, the members that have been here since the start, the members that help build the community, the businesses that remember it was (and is) WJunction that helped them kick start their business, the members that provide feedback (whether it is good or bad), the drama queens (I once held that title!), the ex-members of staff and our respected veterans. You've all been great, always remember to stay humble.

I want to keep this short and not post too much else I'll become emotional.

But it has been a great 12+ years of my life. :beers:

I wish you all the very best,
I'm sorry to hear this, its unexpected. All the best & have a good Christmas. I'm sure whoever takes over will do a good job.
All my best wishes to you, M. Our ways always crossed in a positive way. I wish that could be said of some moderators .... but that's the way it is.
I sincerely wish you the best of luck M.
And for the family member to get well soon and beat this virus.
You have built the best webmaster forum, with the freedom of speech, and the oldest membership that I ever have than in any other forum.
Thank you and wish the new administation all the success.
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please remember what I requested bro :)
Sorry to see you go and hear the sad news regarding relatives. Wish you the best of luck and hope to see you back in future!

I hope you have chosen wisely and can lead WJ into the right direction! We trust you!!

All the best @M
Very sad news indeed. I wish you and your family the best of luck. Hopefully the worst of this covid mess is almost behind us. Good luck IRL M. I hope to see you around again at some point.
Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I want to thank you for your years of service to this forum, hopefully the new admin will continue your legacy so that when periodic members like myself decide to pay a random visit in coming years, WJunction and all of its amazing content will still be here.

Thank you for being asset to the internet as a whole
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this is sad news but i wish you luck for your future & merry christmas.. hope everything will be ok with your family & stuff.
Sad to hear that. Hope everything becomes alright soon.

Good luck with your future ventures & life :) you will definitely be missed iMack :)
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