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  1. ddddrelease uploader

    need a good filehost

    looking for a good filehost that counts for downloads in real time and doesnt cheat it users vidmoly and viperfile are rubbish they dont count downloads and viperfile wants a preminum sale before they reward you??i want one that offer good fast free speed for it users and not throttled thank you
  2. europeup

    Premium Europeup.com - 80% of All Sales & Rebills | %90 VIP files System Earning | PPD €7/1000

    What do we offer? Uploading service up to 10GB for each file. Steady servers with huge storage and network speed. Downloading and Watching services in maximum quality. Earn money from your files! (videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles and others). EuropeUP Rewards Program You...
  3. HellFireBreather

    Looking for reliable PPD hosts

    Hi. Hoping some of you can advise me and help me out.... Looking for 2 (need 2 separate ones) reliable/trusted PPD filehosts, for small to medium sized files - non-adult - that pay OK and fast, don't have absurd high min payouts and have a long time duration on files. Anyone can help out?
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