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    Can payments be disputed in payoneer?

    I am trying to work with a freelancer from Pakistan and he wants me to use Xoom. I told him I cannot do that frequently, since its a remittance app plus it discloses every single bit of my info to person receiving payment. I looked into Payoneer but only issue is, I need a payment processor...
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    [RENTAL] PayPal acc is needed

    1. Copyright crimes are not being committed on site. You can quote me on a post where you can see a single copyright violation. 2. Nobody is making themselves anything over any amount. Didnt even care about the amount. Its the action. Not gonna debate over this anymore if someone is too dense...
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    [RENTAL] PayPal acc is needed

    How is this post still up? This falls under money laundering and financial fraud.
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    Where to buy bitcoin ?

    Nobody will sell you $1-2-3 without any fee lol. Check some of the exchanging forums, might find someone with 10% surcharge, which is the market standard, for the most part.
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    SavkeUltras - SCAM Alert !!!!!

    What are his websites? Maybe forcing him to refund people might work, an example would be to make sure his website uptime is hurt, say by like 99%. Not saying lets do something, but just a hint hint hint :spy:
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    Is SEO really helpful? Is the money invested and time invested worth it?

    1. SEO isnt cheap, so if you want cheap SEO and want to waste $, I am taking donations from people to help me make rich, i'll take your $$ in no time. 2. SEO takes months, if not years. Unless youre doing something blackhat or greyhat, then its a different case.
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    Is shared hosting safe for a new website?

    If you wont be using much resources, especially CPU and ram, then shared should be fine. If you need more than 1gb RAM, id say go with a vps.
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    Looking for a moderator for

    That sounds like an OG domain and so familiar.
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    Are these legit subs from people or just bots?
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    For Hire Programmer for hire

    Coding any bot, app or script, website, or whatever you may need done. Message me here in PM and I will reply asap. Thanks. 1588232067 Want that auto uploading bot? Or need a programmer for your work? Let me know, I can help you get it done for a good price!
  11. Occult - 2 x Intel E5620 / E5-2650, 64GB RAM, Regular, Encoding, 2 & 10Gbps (NL)

    I hope business is as strong ever bro. Good luck!
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    Had anyone heard about the masternode coins? Check that one out. I have some investment in that.
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    Need a VPS

    I have the right skype of you guys. The reply is very slow. Ticket replies are very slow as well.
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    For Hire Programmer for hire

    Still doing this. Let me know if you need any help.
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    Need a VPS

    I have added you guys on skype and been waiting for a reply for the last week. Do you guys have any other quick chat method of contact?
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