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    Which tracker is the best?

    i am a power user in IPT and i'm looking for sceneaccess or BTN or HDbits or invites, if anyone has one msg me. If anyone wants IPT invite msg me, ill send you.
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    Looking for Contributors, Bloggers, Writers and Moderators

    I was also running two or three forums back in my days and have experience as being moderator also, PM me the details
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    need someone(partner or boss) to help me earn

    I'm also looking for something similar, coming back after a long time. I was working so didn't have time now i do have some time, i know familiar with website developement, content writing , seedboxes, maintaining hosting, support etc. msg me if you guys have any projects
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    Need heLp on load balancing and firewall

    Hi guys, I have two internet connections in my office, i want to add them and setup a firewall and assign seperate ips to the pcs connected to the internet with intranet chat also. For this purpose i think i need a server with two network cards and a os i get that but im empty after that, can...
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    [contest] suggest a nice porn domain name & get IPT + Forumphilia invite

    sry guys been busy for a while so not able to decide the winner. The winner is too, dude pm me a valid email id for the invites
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    Need a Logo for my site

    still need this guys, can anyone help me
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    Happy 4th of July!

    happy 4th of july mate
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    Hi everybody

    welcome mate, hope you enjoy the stay :)
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    Hello everyone

    welcome dude, hope you find this forum useful
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    Should Nokia finally start making Android smartphones?

    March 18 2013 and it still remains the same in windows site, no new updates. The support for mobile os will be discontinued by first half of 2014 Bye bye windows, no use to switch to windows now:wave:
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    Should Nokia finally start making Android smartphones?

    a small raise in number from 1-5% dosent change anything for android man. Here take a look at this windows isnt going anywhere dude, no hope for windows phones
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    I want build my own filesharing

    You have to buy from a datacentre dude, and u have to have lots of servers with a dedicated affiliate program. Server maintenance people ready to fix downtimes, many cases are there. I suggest u do lots and lots of research before doing it.
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    Win [Contest]

    rick who wins it man??
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