Z_o_o_m uploader tool scam!


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This guy just ended his life on WJ, because he was found guilty in hacking into people's accounts from his own IP, deleting their files.

This means that his tool is collecting and sending HIM all the data from filehost accounts you have entered in his tool. All emails, usernames and passwords. He maybe uses SSL protocol for uploading but that has nothing to do with the fact that tool is sending your data to him.

Basically, whatever you have there, he has all your account data. He can delete your files (which he did), change your payment info, anything.

So, if you want to keep your data, change your passwords now and stop using his tool, regardless if you paid for it or not.


P.S. Yes, we have absolute proof of this, his IP is matching IP logged on users rapidgator account. We also had confirmations of reverse engineering on his tool, that confirms the same thing.

Screenshots you see are confirmed to be 100% legitimate, I've personally checked their validity, no altering of screenshots is possible.

And it seems on this post we have another hacking of account and phishing proof

http://z-o-o-m.eu/ scam
z-o-o-m.eu scam
z-o-o-m.eu hacked
z-o-o-m.eu account hacked


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i was really hate this zoom guy attitude before about his limits that he put on his tool without reason
and now this !! i will stop use him cuz my RG account got hacked before and im very careful with my info

but i use him for more than a year and only one of my accounts on filehosts got hacked
that was RG account UL - TB - UMB + others never got hacked
that is weird that most people who got there own accounts hacked was RG users !!


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Zoom FileUploader is Password sender - please Read it Carefully !!!

hello everyone

as you have seen this new message at Rapidgator's site which they informed everyone to not using this tool zoom fileuploader !!!

my Rapidgator and uploaded.net account both got hacked 13 december by owner of zoom file uploader tools ! the guy who logged to my both account deleted 350G of my files at Uploaded and more that 100G at rapidgator !!!

why ? cause i save my user/pass of my RG and UL account in this software zoom fileuploder!!!!

i had been suspected to this software i analyzed and debugged this tools fileuploader by zoom with Ollydbg , Sniffer tools and wireshark and file monitor and i noticed that this software actually send everything software to owner !!!

this software zoom is password sender which it sends user/pass of filehost account to owner of this porgram !!! it logs everything to z-o-o-m.eu ...

this software written with borland Delphi 7 and packed with UPX and it has a lot of
anti debugger routine which it makes a bit hard to debug and analyze this software !!

but you guy must be aware that this software zoom fileuploader (z-o-o-m.eu) encrypt everything in this file (FileUploader.nast) which we dont know what data is being sent to him cause all data is encryped !!!

i sniffed data with wireshark when i run this program i noticed that all data are encrypted and im 100% sure the owner of z-o-o-m uploader have access user/pass of all filehost account ...

i sent email to RG support and UL support and finally Rapidgator support responded to me and they gave my log ips of who logged in my RG account since 1 week ago !!! the guy who logged in my RG account and deleted my files .

i told them that please give me the logs those ips which who had accessed to my RG account since 1 week ago and finally RG support responded me.

here my email which i sent to RG support :

and here they respond to my email with logs ips who logged to my RG account since 1
week ago !!

and here this ip owned by zoom owner of this software , which he was logged to my Rapidgator account , he lives in czech republic:

here whoise result from this ip : IP Address Whois | DomainTools.com

and here this software analyse with ollydbg (patch version)

^^ this screen Edited be me! at request by someone member here :
it was contain Uploaded.net user id /Email of those poeple who used this software .


ok , i wanted to catch him , and i asked admin here cvrle77 to check his profile and see if his ip is same ip which the guy who logged
in my RG account or not ,

here his profile , you can see his ip of this guy: here his profile

^^^ Does this guy above uses this ip from ( from czech country )????

i asked cvrle77 to please login in mod cp in vbulletin and search this ip ... i would like to know Does he uses same ip here ??? that this guy logged with this ip in my RG account in past .

ok what happened ??!!

cvrle77 noticed that ip are matched and same , he uses same ip here too .

ok , we caught him . i think every mod can see his profile and match his ips . but i will post more proof here. but i lost all my files at RG and Uploaded.net account .

major thanks to Rapidgator support and thanks to cvrle77 for everything .

regards .

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it's true in the end.

I always believe this kind of third party software will steal your login+password combination and that is why I never use this zoom tool.
since I upload started hotfile & rapidshare years, I only use FTP/remote or web upload.

right now I'm using Filezilla and happy with it...free and no crap bandwidth limitation.

and more thing for you to worry is for those who use RDP services, be careful as I believe RPD providers also can log your username+password combination if they want to.


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Most, if not all of the RDP services in the "Hosting > Others" section of Wjunction use Zoom Uploader.

Is there any way to post this sticky over there? Or at least make the owners and users of RDPs to stop using the tool.


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So this was the reason my 3TB files on uploaded got deleted and money was gone, although I managed to get the money back the files was already gone and it will take lots of time to restore them including editing the post with the links associated by that account


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not everybody will stop using his program , it sucks because there is no decent alternative for everyone.
And everyone should hope he does not send all the info he has to antipiracy companies


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Looking at the info posted about this, it looks like the original reporter used a hacked/cracked version of zoom, the cracked version detects the hack and sends user info to zoomuploader site so the author knows who is using a cracked version. Then the Developer got pissed off and deleted the users files using his info due to using a cracked version of his software?
Many developers would at least be tempted to do the same to people using cracked versions of there software.
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