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How Would You Describe WPCycle?

WPCycle is like your neighborhood bike store. We get our hands "dirty" with your Managed WordPress Virtual Private Server or Managed WordPress Dedicated Server while you manage your WordPress content.

What Does WPCycle Do?

Fast, Reliable, and Secured Managed Virtual Private Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers for WordPress. WPCycle focuses on WordPress and only WordPress. This includes keeping all Managed WordPress Virtual Private Servers and Managed WordPress Dedicated Servers, core files, and plugins up to date, as well as security practices to stop known WordPress Brute Force attacks and exploits. All accounts, websites, themes, and plugins are scanned daily for any instances of malware or exploits, and are removed immediately upon detection. Another major focus of WPCycle is speed, which is a key element for WordPress websites. Every WPCycle account is configured to load quickly from daily database optimizations, and built in caches to handle any type of traffic should your WordPress website become "the next big thing".

What Does WPCycle Offer?


► Managed Virtual Private Server
► 2 GB RAM
► 10 GB SSD
► 50 GB Bandwidth
► 2 WordPress Installations


► Managed Virtual Private Server
► 4 GB RAM
► 25 GB SSD
► 250 GB Bandwidth
► 8 WordPress Installations


► Managed Virtual Private Server
► 8 GB RAM
► 60 GB SSD
► 500 GB Bandwidth
► 16 WordPress Installations


► Managed Dedicated Server
► 16 GB RAM
► 150 GB SSD
► 5 TB Bandwidth
► 30 WordPress Installations

What Features Are Included In My WPCycle Account?

PHP 7.2
SSD Drives
Redis Cache
24x7 Support
Zend Opcache
Dedicated IP
Daily Backups
Server-Side Cache
Let's Encrypt SSL
1 Gbps Port Speed
Reliable Tier 1 Network
WordPress Error Support
Free WordPress Migrations
Daily Virus Scan & Removal
SFTP WordPress File Access
Daily Database Optimization
Daily Malware Scan & Removal
Weekly or Monthly Stats Report
Brute Force and XMLRPC Protection

What Does WPCycle Offer The Global Community?

WordPress Advice Through Public Forums
Blogs Of WordPress Releases And Why They're Important
Blogs Of WordPress Tips To Help Protect Your WordPress Website

What Does WPCycle Not Offer?

✖ Email
✖ cPanel
✖ Varnish
✖ Downtime
✖ LiteSpeed
✖ CloudLinux
✖ Root Access
✖ Support Issues
✖ Add-On Domains
✖ One-Click Installers
✖ Free Themes That Break When A Customer Leaves For Another Host

Does WPCycle Offer Any Discounts?

Yes We Do!!!

All new Managed WordPress VPS accounts can use code WPC25 during the checkout to receive a 25% Off Recurring Discount with WPCYCLE!!!

All new Managed WordPress Dedicated Server accounts can use code WPC15 during the checkout to receive a 15% Off Recurring Discount with WPCYCLE!!!

Can I Make Money From WPCycle?

Yes!!! WPCycle's Affiliate Program is now active.

If you're ready to make money, we're ready for you to sign up today!

Visit our Affiliate Program page for more details.

How Do I Contact WPCycle?

Sales: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]

Is WPCycle On Social Media?

Website: https://billing.wpcycle.com/link.php?id=47/
Blog: https://wpcycle.com/blog (WordPress Wednesday Blog)
Facebook: https://facebook.com/wpcycle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wpcycle
Google+: https://plus.google.com/104013257288573786377
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/wpcycle
Skype: wpcycle

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