[Wordpress/Php] Image Hosting script/theme (free, easy to setup, no plugin required)


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My Open Source Github Project/Repository URL : https://github.com/mediabots/Wordpress-Php-Image-Hosting-Script

Live URL : http://psd2wp.net

Wordpress/Php Image Hosting theme or script

This theme dedicated to photo/image lovers. Now you can upload & share your beautiful moments with the help of this free wordpress theme, which is actually an "Image Hosting Script". Made fully in Php/Wordpress. [Note- No plugin would be required!]


  • Compatibility :
Wordpress Any version
Php upto version 7.0
MySQL any version​

  • Hosting :
Any Wordpress hosting
Any Shared hosting with cPanel/WebMin/Plesk/DirectAdmin control panel
Any VPS/Dedicatred sever with Apache/Nginx web server installed + MySQL database management system installed


  • Multiple file uploading supported : At a time 25 file images could be uploaded
  • URL Uploading supported
  • User can choose the image/upload type : Normal content or Adult content
  • Thumbnail (of width : 300px) would be generated automatically
  • "Click to continue to Images(s)" functionality available in Options/Settings
  • Only Registered Users can Like an Image/Post & make a Comment
  • Image/Post Views counter
  • Custom Sign up page where an user can choose his own Password
  • Custom Sign in page
  • "Contact us" Form would forward message to admin email
  • After successfully uploading image(s), user can share it with three available formats(Direct URL,BBCode,HTML).
  • Back to Top - javascript button
  • Unregistered users can upload too
  • etc

Maximum allowed individual image size : 10MB
Allowed image extension : "jpg", "jpeg", "jpe", "png", "bmp", "gif", "ico", "tif", "tiff", "svg"

Wordpress default features modified

  • Enable Any one can register option
  • New registered user's role : Editor
  • Registered users can view only his/her posts and comments
  • Post link format set to MySiteName.com/post-name ; where 'post-name' would be unique random (12 characters long)
  • Direct Image link format set to MySiteName.com/files/image-name.format ; where 'image-name' would be unique random (16 characters long)
  • Regular Users would not be able to change URL of an post & image
  • And many more...

How to install & run the script?

Theme Download URL:
VirusTotal Results:

If you have cPnael access then with the help of this Video Tutorial:
youtube.com/watch?v=5sqUNSU6e_A , you can install Wordpress (through softaculous application). After that WATCH DEMO VIDEO OF THIS PAGE.

if you have a VPS or Dedicated server/box then use my
this shell script to automatically install Wordpress [Watch Demo Video inside of the link]. After that WATCH DEMO VIDEO OF THIS PAGE.

Demo Video


Live Demo site



Hope you guys would like it.

If you are a developer, you are welcome to contribute in this project.

Feel free to ask any question
Don't forget to share your thoughts

Thank you
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