1. ACE

    ACE Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2008
    Im here.
  2. Suhel

    Suhel Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2011
    im still here :|
  3. MrOSX

    MrOSX Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2011
    I wish wj was like it used to be also bro.

    Was a good community.

    Oh well, at least a few of us originals are still here.
  4. hynds

    hynds Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2016
    I'm commenting here.
  5. Falker

    Falker Member

    Dec 18, 2017
    Hello , i am here ,
  6. brianpirouet

    brianpirouet Member

    Jan 12, 2018
    Some of you may remember me some won't. My main user account is brazzO

    I have had to create this username to try and get the admits to help me get my account back, I can't remember my email from before, after all it was about 8 years ago I signed up.

    I see a few familiar faces here which is always good to see.
  7. BittFox

    BittFox Active Member

    Nov 3, 2017
    I recently got back, been going to school and work so haven't had much time to browse the forums.
  8. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2009
  9. xeniux

    xeniux Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2011
    WJ Is still one of my first webmaster forum that i love up until today, I learn a lot of best things here, great to be here with lots of nice people.

    I'm glad to be back here again :)
  10. avRo

    avRo Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2011
    new theme is shit, i rarely visit now.

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