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Hello WJ Members!

Today I have come here to introduce you |

Who we are? We're a group of people running our own video streaming sites since a year ago we got tired of another host being hacked which caused us problems with mirrors we decided to create our own host. For almost a year we're running VideoVard which is custom coded (We run under our own hosting script) as a private hosting site for our websites only, recently we have decided to open our host to everyone.


Q: Is porn content allowed?
A: Yes, as long as it's legal adult content (No rape videos, child porn, sex with animals, etc..)

Q: How long my videos will be stored?
A: 60 Days without views under fair usage terms (Accounts that will threat us as private backup storage will be removed)

Q: Do you ignore DMCA?
A: No we don't. We comply with all valid takedown notices that we could verify

Q: Do you pay for downloads?
A: Yes, Download is being threaded as view by our system(If you had two views from the same IP next download/view will not be paid).

Q: How long a video must be watched to be counted as paid?
A: Videos under 5 minutes need to be watched fully to be counted as paid, all other videos above 5 minutes duration require 10%.

Q: How many views per IP are counted?
A: Two views per IP per 24 hours.

Q: Do you pay for VPN/proxy/AdBlock views?
A: No, we have a fully detailed statistics page to provide you with transparent information about the type of views you have.

VideoVard Features:

- Quality Encoding Selection (480,720,1080p).
- Subtitles / Remote Subtitles (?c1_file=
- Web Upload / FTP / Z-O-O-M / API / Remote (Supports Streamtape,DoodStream,Vidoza,MixDrop,Fembed,Direct MP4 Downloads)
- Fast HLS Streaming Without Bandwidth Limitation
- Watermark in player support (You can add your own logo to our player in all your videos)
- Splash Image (With a selection of the GRID Size)
- Player Spot Remember (Player starts at the spot where the viewer has stopped watching)
- Player Color Settings (You can match the player theme to your website)
- Default Subtitles Language & Auto Play Subtitles upon player start
- Anti Adblock
And a lot more!

VideoVard Bitrate Per Quality:

Encoding Settings - 1080p

Video Codec: h264
Max Video Birate: As produced per CRF
Resolution: 1920x1080
Preset: Slow
CRF: 18 (Visually Lossless)
Audio Codec: AAC
Audio Bitrate: 256kbs
Channels: 2 Stereo

Encoding Settings - 720p

Video Codec: h264
Max Video Birate: As produced per CRF
Resolution: 1280x720
Preset: Slow
CRF: 23
Audio Codec: AAC
Audio Bitrate: 128kbs
Channels: 2 Stereo

Encoding Settings - 480p

Video Codec: h264
Max Video Birate: As produced per CRF
Resolution: 848x480
Preset: Slow
CRF: 26
Audio Codec: AAC
Audio Bitrate: 64kbs
Channels: 2 Stereo

VideoVard Payment Informations:

- Payout Methods: BTC/BCH/ETH/PayPal
- Payouts above 100$ are made every Monday and Friday
- Payouts under 100$ are made usually every day.
- Min. Payout 20$

In case you wish any modifications from our side to make your work easier you can always contact us via LiveChat in Dashboard / E-Mail / DM at WJ

We wish you happy uploads!


Please Note: We don't offer any premium services like a player without ads or premium accounts. Everyone is equal to us.
Please Note: Questions that were answered in FAQ but will be repeated in our thread gonna be ignored.
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Welcome @wjunction.

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Good luck with your service. Site looks good and speed are fast.

I love 1080p option.

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Sang nguyen

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Hi. please allow remote upload with doodstream link, also can you add embed link in file upload feature? when i upload with file upload feature successfully, the system only shows the unique download link, the video play button sometimes doesn't work