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They just reupload your video to their account and if your video gets DMCA then they start showing that video from their account.


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2019 is a free and easy tool to keep verystream links from going dead. x.x

How does it work?

Use and Embed any Verystream link like you would but replace with

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="700" height="430" allowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

Can I earn from it?

As long as the original video is not taken down or deleted you will earn from it. All the other views / earnings will go to keeping this service online with dedicated servers.

But I want to still earn from it after it goes down!

If you pm me, I can sell and install this script for you.

How do I know you will not shutdown the servers after a month and take all the money?

Look at my profile, I am a trusted member and have never done any exit scams or anything.
I will make a status page soon and a transparent dmca email list, where you can see how much files are on the system and how much money I am making. Completly transparent.

I found an error!

Contact me, I can fix it :D

I love your script! Can it handle my 10 Million views a day?

Yes, hopefully! We are build to scale.

Can you make this for other streaming sites?

I currently have versions set up for openload, streamango, fembed, rapidvideo, vidcloud, verystream.

Thanks for reading...
If you have any questions, I will be here to answer them :)
whats the price


Hello, can you tell me clearly? I am your member and I have installed the script for openload, streamango and verystream. I have noticed on the site that my links have been deleted, but I have no application for "DMC" on the email address, which means that the links were Inactive for 60 days. In that case, does your script fail or is the problem with me? Thank you very much for the answer.


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hey mate

i tested it verystream ,

i deleted original file from my account to test it

and after 1 min i check your link and it gives me this msg : " on"

File blocked! Much sorry!
The file you are looking for was blocked.

EX :
Hey, can you please try again and wait maybe 2 minutes or so.. I checked and found your file in the database and it seems that it did not have enough time to create a backup link.

For me the site still operates fine. Example link


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its for me or everyone ? after video delete. its taking long time to redirect to new copy
really? thats strange... can you contact me privatly so we can figure out how to improve this together?
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