1. I

    Where to register .TO Domains

    Hello WJ, I'm currently searching for a domain hosting provider that offers .TO domains. In the past, I used, but since they no longer exist, I need an alternative. Of course, Namecheap offers .TO domains, but I'm uncertain if they're the right fit for me. They need to ignore any...
  2. best87

    the best hosting offshore 2023 ?

    hi dears friends, the best hosting offshore 2023 ?
  3. GeekHosting | Russian Dedicated Server | 1Gbps | BitCoin | from $80 [DMCA Ignored]

    ViridWeb Online Solutions provides high quality Dedicated Server Systems at an excellent price-performance ratio to private and small business customers. We offer qualitative hardware at top prices and you can always rely on current operating systems for your Dedicated Root Server. Intel Core...
  4. T

    Video Hosting

    Hello, I am looking for a video hosting where I can host gaming videos. Gaming videos are protected by DMCA copyright. I don't want to make money from the videos, I just want to open a platform on the site that users can access and watch. What are your suggestions?
  5. T

    script to manage files on various video hosting services

    Hi all, I'm here to ask if there is a script that can handle files on various hosting services like Mixdrop, Streamtape, etc. Specifically, I'm looking for a script that allows me to upload a file to my website and automatically uploads the same file to all of the various hosting services I've...
  6. File Al Support - No DMCA | 50%/50%/10%/5% - sale/rebill/domain/ref | Official Support Thread

    On our file host you can be 100% sure that your files will NOT be deleted by DMCA reports. Our rates: 50/50/10/5% - sale/rebill/domain/ref. We also have a lot of other benefits: - No DMCA - VPF (Virtual Private Filehost) - Fast and simple API - Our own photo host also protected from DMCA and...
  7. vvtube

    Looking for DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server , Please Help

    i am Looking for DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server for movies streaming websites , Please help me guys to find best
  8. W

    Video Saving Website - is it worth it?

    Let's say there is a website which allows you to save already uploaded videos. Some advantages: 1. No DMCA responsibility: Videos don't belong to website but to uploader and are hosted on another server. 2. Uploaders will support: The more visitor has a website the more views will get the...
  9. W

    Handling and automation of DMCA complaints

    Hello. The question is for web developers. I want to have a website with movies from external links. I want to automate the removing process of links on which comes complaint. If I just add a complaint form on a website (with required video link) and then after hitting submit button remove...
  10. momomesh

    What Is JAV.GURU Using as Their Server Button

    hi guys, I came across JAV.GURU, they're prominent Japanese adult site, I found that they're using some kind of code to mask their embed links from DMCA bots, anyone know what plugin are they using or is it a custom code? if you can provide me with the service kindly post or pm me please~ Thanks
  11. C

    DMCA ignored hosts?

    Which hosts ignore DMCA
  12. I


  13. Sp4rtan

    Selling NoMoreDeadLinks Project

    What is about NoMoreDeadLinks Project is a php based system, to handle video deletion of file-sharing-hosts due of DMCA reports & inactivity. A perfect link handler for your streaming website. It works for any website, custom or wordpress or any CMS. How it works Our php module creates a custom...
  14. R

    Google fake DMCA

    hey there plz any help form someone knows this problem i have dmca from google and my site url take it down for google search engine cuz someone do a fake dmca to google and it's not true but google not responding
  15. J

    Anime streaming website , ask advice

    Hello everyone , I don't know what choose for my Anime streaming website based on scrapping the internet , What is the best for a website who didn't respect DMCA and why ? - have a website + files hosted on an offshore server - have a website on a normal server + file on...
  16. F

    Neutral real review of 2months using this poor service

    one advice just ignore this poor service. before i begin i have seen fake review and i have start with this poor company, i just waste my time and my money with them and i relly regret to my choise so i want to be carfully with ur choise, there is others sites give ten features than this shit...
  17. M

    Review: Mr Dead Links | Protect your videos from DMCA

    Who I AM ! Mr Dead Links Project : I'm a PHP & Javascript based system, I'm Here to Help you protect your Players From DMCA "DeadLinks" i can Protect any videohost like : VeryStream, Netu, Rapidvideo, Fembed... and many more VIDEOHOST due of DMCA reports. Note : Still Beta , but everything...
  18. Sp4rtan

    NoMoreDeadLinks Project

    NoMoreDeadLinks Project is a php based system, to handle video deletion of VeryStream, Openload & Streamango due of DMCA reports. Check here our official page
  19. P

    script to handle deleted videos url in your website

    I have PHP scripts for multiple hosters to handle all the deleted URLs ( like if they were deleted because of DMCA) the hosts are : fembed jetload uptobox verystream vidlox openload the script creates a clone for each video and when the video is deleted it will be replaced automatically with...
  20. S

    [SE] SwedenDedicated €2.50 - 1024MB 1VC VPS - OFFSHORE - 1Gbps - ipv6 /64 - LXC - SAS - Virtualizor

    Dear reader, To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we have decided to offer a very special anniversary package for all new customers: €1 VPS, unique in Scandinavia, we are the only provider offering this in Sweden. Sweden Dedicated has been one of the largest providers in Sweden since 2009 and we...