1. Exel

    Exel Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2008
    As you can see, Elite-Source.com uses custom thread prefix colors to better distinguish threads.


    Odd enough it's really easy to do, many people just don't know where to look/what code to add.

    So, here's a small tutorial on how to do that!

    Note: This tutorial assumes you already have prefixes setup.

    1. Navigate to Admin CP > Thread Prefix Manager


    2. Edit the one you want to add color to.


    3. Click underneath where it says 'Title (Rich Text)'


    4. You will see a page like this where you can add HTML.


    5. Add HTML there like this:


    <font color="COLOR CODE">[PREFIXNAME]</font>

    6. Save and exit. :)

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