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February 14th - The day of love and romance. It's the time when Cupid sends his arrows, and the HilltopAds ad network sends you a new article with tips and tricks on how to run successful ads for Valentine's Day!

Let's take a look at what's waiting for you today:


Statistics & Audience Portrait​

The most heartbreaking story is always the one where an advertiser starts running ads without any preparation process. However, the more you know about the market, the greater your chances of success will be.
We have gathered all the important data about the V's Day Marketing with HilltopAds platform, so any decision you make will be an informed one.

How Popular Valentine's Day compare to other holidays?​

Valentine's Day is a well-known holiday celebrated in many countries.

But is it worth running a whole marketing campaign to attract new clients?

Our team collected information on how much customers spend during different popular holidays, so everyone could decide for themselves whether they should go for it or not.


Targeted Audience Portrait​

Valentine's Day is all about love, but that doesn't mean your targeted audience always consists of lovers. For example, if you’re targeting iGaming and Sports, single men are a great option. However, if the service you promote offers fun activities to enjoy on weekends, then you should focus on targeting couples instead.

Here is an example of what the portrait of the targeted audience may look like:


Note: This is not a complete portrait of the Targeted Audience. We have included this fragment to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Below, we have provided an example of an ad creative tailored specifically to this audience portrait.

Let's summarize the key points of this section:


Marketing Ideas & Creatives​

Creatives are the heart of every ad campaign.

And you have the power to make this heart big and strong with compelling visuals and copy. Let's learn how!

1. Step up to Stand out​

Some people remember this holiday, while others do not.

Either way, your audience will react more effectively to your ads if you use key phrases related to Valentine's Day.

For example, you can create an ad with the title: "Don't spend Valentine's Day alone! Find your soulmate today!"

After seeing an ad like this, a user will definitely think about their relationship status, and with the right approach, such ads can lead to a conversion.

2. Warm Up Clients' Hearts​

Depending on the promoted offer and the goals of the ad campaign, you can implement a pre-landing page into the sales funnel. For ad campaigns with a payment model that is dependent on the number of sales made via an affiliate link, a pre-landing page helps to filter out an audience that is not interested. At the same time, this method impacts the audience and increases the desire of potential customers by showing the real value of the item and why the user really needs it.

3. It's always nice to meet your expectations​

Imagine clicking on an ad promising to help you find a soulmate, only to be directed to a page recommending one-night stands. What would you do next? Most likely, close the tab and leave the advertiser with a missed opportunity.

Don't be that advertiser.

Instead, ensure that all elements of your ad campaign align with the main idea of the offer.

4. Love is timeless. Special Bonuses are not.​

Compared to the New Year holiday, Valentine's Day is very time-limited. Therefore, your special bonuses should be as well. Emphasize to users that they have a very limited time to purchase the product by including a countdown clock widget on the pre-landing page.

5. Speak the language of your targeted audience​

After completing customer research, you should be familiar with the pain points, needs, and desires of your targeted audience. It's even better to have a list of specific phrases that they use to address their weaknesses and expectations. You can create an advertising dictionary by:
  • reading relevant threads on social media
  • conducting customer development calls with representatives of the audience

Have you completed these steps? Great! Insert these trigger phrases into your ads, and enjoy higher conversions!


Here are some examples to inspire you:


Another popular theme to promote during Valentine's Day is Dating services for singles. We have created both a portrait of the targeted audience and creative content for this case as well.



Recommendations for Managing Campaigns​

1️⃣ Ad placements are becoming more competitive as the holidays draw closer. Test different ad formats and bid amounts to find the most profitable setup.
2️⃣ Start your ad campaign with Pop ads and then explore other options. Pop ads usually turn out to be the most effective ad format.
3️⃣ Set a daily budget limit to ensure that your daily spending is distributed equally throughout the entire campaign period.


For advertisers, love is composed of many elements: market pre-analysis, audience profiling, effective creatives, and proper setup on the HilltopAds platform, of course.

Our Cupid sends you arrows with coupons that will give you:

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