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Dear WJ's,

We would like to introduce you to our new service UpStream that aims to provide you with a very stable platform for uploading and sharing videos with ease. We have noticed that after most major video hosting services went down, or terminated, most webmasters and uploaders went into some kind of instability and tried to find a service that match their expectations when it comes to features, but also offers a very high level of stability and has a great future of long term partnership with is partners.

We have decided to use our very long experience in this industry by establishing a video hosting service that match the user expectation when it comes to stability. We're glad that our history with DropAPK and its stability will help us to gain the people trust and proof our aims.

What do we have to offer at UpStream?

* Stable and free of bugs system, well established for the people.

* HLS Over-Air Streaming. Up to 3 times faster than regular HLS.

* High Standard HD quality.

* FTP Supported.

* Screen list - Splash thumbnail.

* Clone Upload

And all standard and basic features.

What about the most important part, payments?

We understand that hard workers in this industry are investing their time and efforts seeking to establish an additional income sources, so that's why we have decided to offer a stable affiliate program.

Accordingly, these are our rates:

And these are our payout methods:

* PayPal

* WebMoney

* Bitcoin

* Bitcoin Cash

* Payoneer

Should you discuss any feedback's? Please feel free. We're seeking to offer the people a very long term platform with the highest level of stability, so your opinion matters to improve the service and keeps it in the right direction.

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