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    Jun 23, 2007
    Hello folks,

    As you may remember, we posted a thread on upcoming changes on WJunction, provided below is an update on what we've done;



    • Exclusive deals featured on the WJunction home page - if you're a business (whether it's established or a start up), you may, if you wish to, offer an exclusive deal for WJunction members (and guests) in the following section. All deals are reviewed before being made available on the site-wide ticker.


    • The referral section will be introduced soon - we're finalizing requirements to post in the section. The section will allow members to post their referral links if they meet a certain criteria.


    • We're undertaking an annual review of our rules - further rules maybe scrapped - and updates on scrapped rules can be viewed here.

    • Staff ranks are going to be re-organized so there are sectional moderators. Each staff member will have their own sections to look after (sections that they may specialise in or have a lot of knowledge of - e.g. Raz3r would look after the BTC section etc).
    • GFX Artist rank will, as previously mentioned in our upcoming changes to WJunction thread, shall be re-introduced but prior to this our GFX sections will undergo a revamp.


    • We're re-introducing our weekly quizzes and it'll start from 14th December 2015.
    • Our Christmas competition will be coming soon! Santa's on his way!

    That's all for now - any questions or feedback - post a thread in the feedback & suggestions section.

    Thank you,
    WJunction Management
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    Jun 23, 2007
    We've made further changes to WJunction.

    • We've restructed the GFX sections and have merged the Tutorials and Resources sections along with the Showcase and Contests sections.
    • We've merged the Development showcase section with its main section (The Development Area)
    • We've introduced a new XenForo section for dedicated support in relation to the script.
    • We've introduced a dedicated zone for traffic exchange.
    • We've separated the marketplace and have made the sections into dedicated sections rather than sub-sections.

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