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Hello GoodEvening Ladies & Gentlemen Boys N Girls,

We are going to share top 5 Filehosts according to wrz team & professional uploaders & Webmasters.

As we all know now days many filehosts coming and going because they only want to earn with adsense so they just play with you.
We will share only those filehosts who looks promising who looks amazing by them looks by them features & by them plans :)

Mr Perfect is not a perfect without our team without wjunction so we always suggest what best for all of you so kindly have a look and let me know what you guys think & please dont add any other filehosts in replie

All Filehosts Approved by our team as well as professional uploaders & Webmasters.

1 RapidGator

2 uploadgig


4 oboom

5 Filefactory

My Friends you will get surely sales & these filehosts not gonna ban you i give my words they are loyal honest & humble we seen many uploaders working with these filehosts they dont charge extra they know what best for uploaders and they are working from long time with all great uploaders yes i understand some time we feel bed when we dont get sales i dont deny but its a part of time its just a matter of time i m sure just believe in your quality and ability be with someone who can guide u and try to join better team if possible try to talk with staff of these filehosts try to interact with them try to make sure them you are good and better uploader dont show you are hungry for money dont show u are worker show them you are something and they want u not u need them show them you work like your own website its shows you working as a friend u working as a staff help them support them and than see you will get perfect reward. I understand around us lot of good uploaders who compete with each other but thats not mean you cant win thats not mean u cant get sales you can too get sales. Trust me or not but thats true ..

Believe that thats all

Enjoy Happy Earning :)



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do not now wat is your interest on this thread but including filefactory too in that list it makes it looks like a fake on and sponsored one.
Filefactory is one of the most oldest and one of the most scam filehosting ever becasue has years scaming people(others at least scam for some months and close)
They pay only selected people and do not care for other . You can check their thread here where 99 from 100 uploaders say it is scam and with big amounts.
Also not including nitroflare who has the best rates and best affilate program PPD+PPS ?
i am do not want to disques for other because it depends in wat do you upload ect ect ect but for filefactory mannn
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