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Pinterest's features is quite similar to StumbleUpon and vice versa. Question, which of this two Social Networking site do you prefer or much popular, pinterest or stumbleupon?
Pinterest has overtaken StumbleUpon in terms of popularity although the latter I think was established first. Both are different from each other and have specific uses for users and also for SEO.

Pinterest - from its name is more into showcasing a user's interest via his/her pins. This focuses more on the user and what he/she likes or finds interest in.

Stumbleupon - from its name again showcases a website/page stumbled upon by users. That is why there is an explore feature.

For my preferences, I like Pinterest better because it gathers all interests in organized boards both for sharing and bookmarking purposes. For SEO, both is definitely of good use.
I use the both services but i find stumbleupon brings in more traffic probably because i dont have the hang of the other but as i heard pinterest can bring you a motherload of traffic :D
Pinterest is much bigger and the Community is better as StumbleUpon. For Twitter is Pinterest better too.
Oh I remember, when I made my first site few years ago, site got suspended because of hordes of crazy Stumblers that came all at once on my site, mothafuckers destroyed my project I was working for a month.
I should probably pick paid hosting [hmmm]
Whatever, few years ago, SU was great for getting tons of traffic, just like Digg. I've tried Pinterest, and, logic behind it, doesnt allow such traffic.
I love Pinterest but it is highly addictive. I have to use a timer or else the 5 minutes I had planned to spend on there ends up being 2 hours. At that point, since all my pins for the week are scheduled, I just find cool images, comment on people's pins and boards, and reach out to other like minded individuals. It's well worth a try, the learning curve is very small so it wont' take you much time to figure out. Also, try SEOClerks, they have excellent services out there regarding Pinterest followers!

I'd got for pinterest, Pinterest is a great platform for brands and businesses to push their content or products in a visually seamless and unnoticeable way.
Stumbleupon is quite a veteran in the world wide web so comparing it to pinterest is not really ideal. But right now I am leaning into pinterest more although I am still clueless on how I can utilize it for traffic. Will look down into it real soon.

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