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SMTPBOXES is looking for affiliates!

Your action:
If you have high traffic blog or website or you simply can spread our service in the web you can make money fast!
The way it is done is simple. You'll have affiliate link to share and the more people enter our website the more chance they'll buy!

Our action:
We have to pay you for each sale that happened because of you!
The deal is fixed - $17 (USD) for sale!
At the end of the month all your valid sales are calculated and we pay whatever we owe you via PayPal (may support Skrill in future too).

Doing positive articles about SMTPBOXES and reminding to people it is not just MailChimp and Aweber is the most successful way so far! Simply because there are many frustrated people kicked out or not allowed to send with these platforms.
Having forum signature, blog comments or even placing banner with your affiliate link may lead to big conversions!

Here's a lookup from the really simple affiliate panel we have:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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