Simple SEO guide in 10 steps


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1. Picking niche in which you are able to provide content is probably the most important thing you want to brainstorm, before doing anything else. If, for example you've picked niche 'make money online' competition is VERY HIGH, way to go around them is using several long tail keywords. Always remember, you are competing with others in niche, not against search engine.

What is long tail keyword? It is the search term, that regular internet users will type in google, to search content they want. You can fail easily, if you don't start thinking as someone who's searching for content. Just put yourself in his chair, and think, what are those search terms, users could type, to find content YOU have to offer them? What would they type? For example, they would type:

  • how many ways there is to make money online
  • how to make easy money online
  • where can I find books about earning money online
  • download ebook make fortune online



Regular keywords would be:

  • money
  • money online
  • fast online cash

Less the words, stronger the competition. More the words used, highly targetted users will come to you.

2. When you are picking your domain name, be sure it contains your keywords. From my experience, TDL is irrelevant for SEO, I was able to outrank ANY .com .net and .org site doing proper onsite and offsite SEO. Just for the sake of discussion, You want to tap in 'make money online' area. You would want some name, containing those words inside, for example:


in this example you have 3 targetted keywords, which will be best possible solution. In lack of good domains, use 2 words:


3. Before making first post, be sure, you've properly setup your wordpress title and description. For this purpose, I would recommend All In One SEO, because using wordpress title and description sux. This is third most important thing you want to pay attention to.
when putting your wordpress title, and description, don't use more than 7-8 words in title , and 20-25 words in description. Keep it highly targetted and related to your keywords. USE THEM.

Title: Make Money Online using our proven technique.
Description: Making money online will be an easy task with us. We will show you that making money online can be a breeze using our technique.

So, title and description MUST contain keywords you are using, and it will look like this in google:

Image is fake, I'm just showing you what will be visible in google, and how google does it.

4. When making new post, pay attention to what you write, and HOW you do it. SEO optimized content is the key. But never overdo it, just keep optimisation in head, when you make post. 100% SEO score on each post CAN harm you more, than keeping all on safe side.
Most common and still working techniques are using keywords, in post title, and then in the beginning, middle and at the end of content.
Never stuff it with keywords, make sentences flow naturally. No need to use keywords on all 3 places at once. You can, occasionally, but never in each and every post.

5. Images are another way to get traffic to your posts, or blog. Always use descriptive alt tags and titles for your images, they are your traffic magnet.
Same thing applies as for regular keywords, just this time, think how would YOU search for image, not article, and add alt tags according to that.

alt and title tags can be seen in this example:
<a href="" alt="Some descriptive tags with keywords" title="This will show when user rollover with mouse over image" />

6. Keywords. Use them in few first posts, then make a post that is not related to subject, make some similar category, but not highly targetted.
Use bold, like i did here, also use italic, to outline keywords. Again, NEVER overuse it. Google recognize all these techniques, and your traffic won't go up. So, shuffle, just like numbers of posts.

7. Interlink your posts, which target same or similar keywords, by using your keyword make money online just like i did here, or connect with some other resource post of yours. Links must not be nofollow. We are doing it this way, so google can jump from post to post, index both posts, check relevance of them, and reward you with better spot in SERP.

8. Backlinks, oh those backlinks.

When starting your backlink campaign, one thing you have to have in mind, and that is, link diversity. What that basically means? You want backlinks coming from all possible platforms. and there's probably hundreds and thousands of them. just some of them are:


Social bookmarking sites:

Social networking sites:

RSS Feed Aggregators:
RSS Micro

Forums, article directories, yahoo answers, and tons of other websites and different platforms. Best are those with traffic ofcourse.

Also, don't forget this, never have higher rate of dofollow links over nofollow.
Since I don't know what's the opposite term of nofollow, I used dofollow :)
I know there's no such thing as dofollow.

Rate should be from 3:1 to 10:1
If you start building only non nofollow links, it will ring some bells in google, and your traffic will stop going up. Each time you make new link, he will push you down in SERPS, giving you less traffic. Only way to fix it is to balance links.

9. This is a MUST you need to remember. Few things you should NEVER EVER PRACTICE.

Never post 100 posts in one day, and then next day you stop posting.
Never keyword stuff posts. This means adding crap at the end making non meaningful text filled with keywords, like:

make money online, make money online fast, fast way to make money online, get rich fast by making money online....and similar crap. Google tolerate this to a certain amount, and then slaps you by deindexing you, or dropping you on 100th page..whatever he does, it means, byebye traffic.

Never overuse keywords in title, repeatedly from post to post.

10. Best practices:

Have natural flow of numbers of daily posts, from day one:
3, 2, 4, 0 ,1, 2, 0, 0, 3, 1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, 4, 1, 5, 3, 6, 4, 8, 6, 6, 4, 7, 0, 4, 5, 8, 0, 2, 3, 5, 7

This would be natural example of posts per day for each day. It looks natural, at the beginning low number of posts, sometimes you post nothing, next day more, then you start raising number of posts, again you go up and down, then nothing for one two days.... you must avoid straight lines at all cost. Schedule your posts, let them publish when you know you won't be online.

Submitting your sitemap to google webmaster tools is great idea.
Submitting your own RSS feed to feed aggregators is another one.

Well, that would be about it, I was typing this straight from my head, so it could be that I've missed something. Feel free to add it, and I'll join it to this text. I wanted this guide to be understandable for every beginner, hope it worked.

All this is based on my personal experience, and my results.




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You can make your own topic, and ask people for questions. Once you learn basic forum rules, and behavior, to not try to hijack someone's topic, and realize I didn't wrote this as a form of article backlink to some of my sites, and wrote this from my own experience, and purely as help topic,then we can talk.

But saying that I don't know what I'm talking about, while I'm showing proof of my work, and you show fallacies, it's plain ignorance. You joined today, and you are spilling some attitude from post one. Good way to make some friends here.

0 care was given for what WJunction ranks for. I am not paid to do SEO for Wjunction, lol.

Excuse me if my english doesn't fit your standards :)

The Legend

A mistake while typing is not the same as improper grammer.

This isn't a help topic, as it's not accurate and therefore it will not benefit anyone. Those graphs don't prove anything...


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cvrle77 thats a good tutorial for beginners


The Legend stfu and if u know that much then do open a thread yourself regarding it


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@cvrle77 well members with doubts are definitely going to eat up your head, just ignore them if they persistently annoy you . You cant just get all the positives with no negatives right ?, you need balance :P

@The Legend I see he has presented proof of results from his work via those graphs, so thr is no point in arguing on the same point when he has explained you already. I would expect you wont bother to argue again in this thread.


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thanx for share wonderfull explain but how to chose niche

i am in counfusion can u please tell me any niche which have benefit in future thanx
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