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Our files get hostet on Share-Online and DDL.
They are accessible via Filecrypt or Click'n'Load.

NFOs can be read in our own NFO-Reader implemented in the site.

Our site currently provides Movies, TV-Shows, Music and Porn in English and German.
We deliver qualities from SD up to 2160p. FLAC and MP3 if you are interested in Music.

For a better convenience use our search-function or our RSS-Feed.

If you have requests feel free to contact us at: requests[at]​


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Aye Pirates, you must be stouthearted, indeed, to enter this cursed place.
Ah, but there be magic here too, mateys. Anything can happen, as you shall see.

After a long time welding, building and scrubbing decks and adding some heavier engines we're finally ready to launch our new ship fleet!
As promised we updated our design, layout and added some features.

Firstly: the RSS-Feed is here.
So throw away your fishing rod and attach a whole net to the ship for bigger outcome!
Want to have a custom fishing net? Weave it with our RSSFeed-Builder!
You can use it by creating a new account on our site.
Yes, we do have a usersystem now.
Put down your telescope for spotting new stuff, it's no more needed!
We implemented a release-preview which lists the latest upcoming releases before the download is provided.
This is either madness... or brilliance. It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.
New content is here! We digged deep, looted some royal guard ships and established a new trade route across the sea!
We now support six categories and do have lots of new music genres.
So grab your bottle of rum and enjoy some Acid Jazz!
Talking about rum .. your favourite flavour is not listed?
Take a look at our livesarch with wildcards!
And if it's not even there then request it!
We'll try to catch your bewished releases and immediatley process them.
That said .. release shipping took way too long? Guess what! Our new heavy lift ships almost tripled their speed!
The seas may be rough, but we're pirates! No matter how difficult, we'll always prevail.
On our way our mischief interrupted Tang's spell which enabled us to decrypt the releases so that the clear releasenames will now be shown in your preferred downloader.
We're also able to track releases in realtime.
Magic is among the most finicky of sciences.
Sometimes the creatures of the sea don't like us and break down some ships.
That's why we'll clear every 24 hours releases which are offline.

So what are you waiting for?
Start tracking the new items arriving at our harbour by subscribing to the new RSS-Feed and take what you can!

We're always looking for some new harbours to dock!
Unlimited space for goods and decent speeds preferred.
The hoster also should have an Upload-API and offer some coins per download.

Are you tired of fishing alone? Want to support us or give feedback?
Go join the discussion and support threads!
Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

You long for freedom.
You long to do what you want to do because you want it.
To act on selfish impulse.
You want to see what it's like.
One day you won't be able to resist.

Wherever we want to go, we’ll go ... that's what a ship is, you know.
It's not so much the destination as it is the journey.

Keep your feet dry, hide the rum and join our new chapter.
Thanks for sailing with us! Pirates of the Sea - The copyrights end​


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Changelog V2.0.1:
-Hoster added.
-Checking all releases for the correct filesize now.
-Optimized all Upload Servers.
-Extended the archive +50Tb ~20.000 Releases.


Pirates of the Sea - The copyrights end,
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