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If you have a problem with a file host, such as;

  • Payment issues
  • Account problems
  • Sales not showing up correctly, etc.
Please use the official threads created by the file host representatives for support. If you create your own thread, it may be merged with the appropriate file host (official) thread.

NOTE: WJunction staff are not involved with File hosts, problems must be addressed to the representatives registered. Please do NOT PM members of WJunction staff regarding file host issues.

Official representatives (as you know) have their own user group. The user group colour is Red and the group has
rank besides their name.

If you are a representative that represents a file host and would like to be moved into the file host group, please PM an administrator. There maybe certain requirements that you must meet to be moved into the group.

Advertising queries: If you'd like to advertise on WJunction, please view this thread.

On a side note - Representatives are humans too, if you PM a representative give them a time scale of 7 days to reply.

Thank you,
WJunction Staff
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