PC vs Mac Debate

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The PC v.s. Mac debate in a nutshell

>Mac computers don't crash like PCs which crash all the time
owned a PC for 7 years and it has never crashed while my brother has a new Mac which crashes about every other day.

>Macs don't need 4gb of memory because they run fine on only 2gb
Well that literally means your Mac is less powerful than a PC retard

>Macs are user friendly
Only 10% of all computer programs, cellphones, tablets, game devices, keyboards,webcams, mouses and charges work on Mac. Unless it was produced by Apple then it most likely wont work. While PCs can run all programs and connect to any of the items I said before plus a PC can emulate a Mac so yo can use Mac devices and programs.

>Macs are less expensive
Look up any Mac with the same specs as a PC and then go cry :'(

>Artists prefer Macs
That's great but most people that own Macs and say they're "artists" are really hipster fags. Most artists actually use PCs in order to calculate measurements of how they are going to create their art

>Macs have itunes and garage band
PCs also have itunes and garage band on the other hand is a pile of shit compared to other music creator programs. What you really should be doing is learn an instrument and record that. You can do that on both a PC and a Mac so don't use that as an argument because you're a lazy fuck.[trollface]

>You can send pictures to a Mac from your Iphone
I don't have an Iphone, I have an Android. I do have an Ipod touch generation 3 but since that went out of date in less than a year because Apple released a new version it can't do much. I do like it but mostly because I jailbroke the shit out of i and now I mostly watch movies on it.

>PCs are prone to getting viruses
Every computer gets viruses, including Macs. Every computer needs a virus protection service, including Macs. The only way for you to get a virus is by being stupid enough to download it, disable your internet browser from telling you it's a virus, disable your virus protection service from telling you it's a virus,
disable your computer from telling you it's a virus, and then running the program like a complete dumbass

>Macs are gaming computers
[meh] good one sport. Not only can most games not run on Macs but Macs can barely play the
damn game because it's less powerful. Wait aren't you the same guy who said that Macs only need 2gb of memory? Well then you might as well kill yourself because your not fit for this world.

>I prefer a Mac because I'm a college student and Macs are more education friendly

>But they are
No they're not. Unless you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars on Apple certified programs that help you learn more then they aren't.

>I don't look at the price, its all about stability for me
Macs are less stable. Also congrats on wasting money.

>They are simple to use and reliable
Simple? Yes. Reliable? No

>They are simple to use and reliable
We already answered that.

>They are simple to use and reliable

>They are simple to use and reliable

>They are simple to use and reliable
Is that your only arguement because it has already been proved faulty and I'm petty sure you don't even know what that means. As long as Apple says it's true then it's always right. Right?

source >> 4chan
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They are both good at what they are made for. Apple has great hardware to software integration. Great design. While windows computers are more for tinkering around.
PC. A lot of old hype about mac was the user friendly aspect. With windows 10 and most PCs being touch screen they are a lot more user friendly.
You can get a PC with the same pricetag as a Mac and it will render just fine. Plus, you will also be able to use a USB stick.
laptop test

Try this on a mac laptop,

close the lid all the way, and without holding the base down use your thumb to raise the screen open, you'll notice the base doesn't come up.

Try the same test on a non mac laptop, most of them the base swings up as well.

I've dubbed this test the steve jobs test, and while i'm not a mac person i never buy a laptop that has this issue
This thread makes me laugh!

I think its even better when you have a reliable machine like a Mac running Windows on Parallels and Linux at the same time ;) 16GB of RAM with an i7, not a lot you cant do when you know how to configure it.
lets be realistic here macs and pcs both have there downsides but all falls down to what you want personally i prefer pcs why because i can custom build it to my specifications get the case i want so i can have it looking how i want expansions for hdds dvd drives pci / pci-e cards etc etc which you just simply cants do with macs due to them being locked down on design i like having the ability if something hardware related goes wrong i can fix it myself without having the hassle of paying extra money for a technician to do it for me and i have choice over which replacement hardware i can buy

so ultimately its down to preference just like playstation and xbox its preference :)
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