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Hello there! I need help in four situations!
1. Regarding the video upload method, can you add a torrent file? Because the latest video is shared publicly as a torrent file

2. About video resources. Is it possible to move videos from the pornhub website to your video hosting location? (Continuously updated every day). Please allow me to use pornhub's large number of videos directly.
Please save my upload time, I need more time to recommend high-quality videos.

3. Regarding Bitcoin payment, I plan to try this experience. First, I need to create a Bitcoin account. Which platform (brand) is most trusted in the Bitcoin industry? Google search found the following seven
TradeStation-the best trading platform.
The best cryptocurrency exchange on Coinbase.
eToro is very cheap.
Kraken-Maker-Taker fee schedule.
The most Altcoins on Bittrex.
Gemini offers Gemnini dollars.
The best mobile app for Robinhood.

Or tell me which bitcoin platform you use

4. Can you develop wordpress plugins? Directly import daily updated video content. Save the time of uploading videos and publishing. Let webmasters focus on SEO traffic. There is a lot of time focused on attracting visitors to click on the video.

I currently have 18 websites and I don't want to spend too much time uploading and publishing. More willing to spend a lot of time focusing on attracting visitors to click on the video
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