- Discussion Thread.

@Surgical Remnants aka audi

The sales droped down in the last year, as you leave the scene in 2020 the sales was good, but now you should be happy if you get one per day.

In my experience the breaker is turbobit, remove them and you get a few more sales at Nitroflare.

But anwhere: the last week was on my side: DDL 7 sales, Nitro 8 and Rapidgator 28.

2 years ago I got every week 20 sales at Nitro, but its ok....
@Mausebein Its very easy to explain this. Keep2Share, Nitroflare and DDownload lost last weeks a lot of payment methods, which causes this issue.

Looks like a organized thing. Because all of them lost their most important paygates. Could be the content mafia which causes this or competitors.
This is an evolution of the last 12-18 months, the inital sales on NF are max 20% here, the very most of them are rebills. For sure the paygate-problems was a boost last week, but the trend was there als without this trouble.