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i saw Your post has been closed Before by Staff of wjuncation why its closed because you are scammer and you are selling google Drive Script which is nulled LOL, i reqeust all of the peoples to stay away from him he is a scammer - Closed Post Because he tried to cheat peoples by taking money and giving Nulled Script LOL - Currently New post and read this threat he is selling nulled again,

and @Arjun227170 Please go to Teeth hostpital to check up your Eyes because i worte this read below, iam not selling any google drive Script, LOL

This Script did not Made by me, so Developer stopped Responding and No Support many of the files host are not working, So i am Marking this Threat to Closed. If any body have any kind of question then you can ask me here or in PVT thanks.
GADRIVE Changed to Google Drive Files Sharer and waiting for google VERTIFICATION our APP after that you can use as google drive files sharer and it will be forever Free and No Ads.

Gays, he scammer don't lose money stay away from him

He god this script for free but he was seeling $20 lol

Here download Neodrive script link -
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